Željko Obradović Signs New Two-Year Contract with KK Partizan.

Željko Obradović Signs New Two-Year Contract with KK Partizan.

In a monumental move for KK Partizan Mozzart Bet, Željko Obradović, widely regarded as the most decorated European coach of all time, has inked a new two-year contract. This announcement was made official during a press conference held at the prestigious Belgrade hotel “Crowne Plaza”.

At 3 p.m. sharp, the President of the Black and White, Ostoja Mijailović, alongside Coach Željko Obradović, addressed the gathered media representatives.

“Congratulations to Željko and all Partisans; we stand on the brink of an exciting era. Our collective efforts in development and growth have borne fruit, propelling us to become the most watched team in Europe. This success is a testament to the dedication of everyone involved, from management to fans, players, and club staff. While trophies often define success for fans, winning the Adriatic League last season after a decade-long wait marks a significant achievement,” remarked Ostoja Mijailović.

Reflecting on the profound connection between Željko and Partizan, Mijailović emphasized the significance of the two-year contract, aligning with his own mandate duration. “Željko’s tenure can extend as long as he desires, a prospect I believe will be for the long term. This extension signifies a pivotal moment in our continuous growth, solidifying our position as a permanent Euroleague contender.”

Following Mijailović’s address, Coach Željko Obradović expressed gratitude towards the club’s leadership and the collective desire for continued cooperation. “Partizan holds a special place in my heart, and it’s a privilege to continue contributing to its legacy. I extend my thanks to my colleagues, players, and the entire Partizan community, especially the dedicated administration whose relentless efforts drive our success. And, of course, I cannot overlook the unwavering support of our fans, whose passion fuels our journey. Since my return, the goal has been clear: to establish Partizan as a consistent presence in the Euroleague. This ambition transcends sports and represents the spirit of Partizan. I am grateful for the love bestowed upon us by our fans and look forward to their continued support,” remarked Obradović.

With the renewal of Željko Obradović’s contract, KK Partizan Mozzart Bet embarks on a new chapter, brimming with promise and ambition.


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