Zalgiris Vs. Real Madrid: Round 34 game prediction.

Zalgiris Vs. Real Madrid: Round 34 game prediction.

Real Madrid has suffered two consecutive losses, one in the league against Barcelona and the other against Baskonia in the 33rd round of the Euroleague. C. Mateo’s team appears to be experiencing a turnaround in form, a point I recently emphasized in a blog post. Facing Zalgiris in the intimidating atmosphere of their home court in Lithuania, we are in dire need of a morale-boosting victory as we approach the playoffs.

On the contrary, Zalgiris could be considered to have had a successful year since the coaching change, despite falling short of reaching the playoffs or play-in rounds. Under A. Trinchieri’s leadership, the team underwent a transformation, securing victories against theoretically stronger opponents, particularly on their home turf, thanks to players like K. Evans. As the 34th round approaches, Zalgiris is eager for a significant win to cap off their Euroleague campaign on a high note, while also laying the groundwork for the upcoming season.

The latest news and current form of Zalgiris.

Zalgiris boasts excellent offensive capabilities, a fact they have repeatedly demonstrated. Facing Real Madrid, they will undoubtedly seek to reaffirm this prowess and showcase their ability to compete at a high level. However, their recent loss to Monaco in France during Week 33, with a score of 69-66, has pushed them out of contention for the play-in spot. This setback left them in 14th place with a record of 14 wins and 19 losses, but with a positive point differential of +4. It’s clear that home court advantage has been crucial in this year’s Euroleague, with only a few teams managing to secure more away wins than losses.

Zalgiris is currently experiencing a period of good form, as evidenced by their recent results: 6 wins and 4 losses in their last 10 games. Impressively, 5 of these wins were achieved at home, highlighting their ability to confront any opponent on their own turf successfully. Key players like K. Hayes and K. Evans are in exceptional form, and I anticipate they will play pivotal roles in the upcoming match against Real Madrid.

Coach A. Trinchieri faces minimal issues with player absences and will be able to field a highly competitive team, with the exception of R. Smits, who has been sidelined for the past few games and is unlikely to be fully fit. He may see limited minutes, with his availability to be determined at the last minute.

The latest news and current form of Real Madrid.

Disappointment pervades Real Madrid’s camp following their defeat to Baskonia at the WiZink Center, with a final score of 91-95, and an outstanding performance by M. Howard, who scored 35 points. M. Hezonja expressed his sentiments after the game, describing the loss as a shame. Among other remarks, he stated:

“We understand that they needed the win, but so did we, because we must perform at the level required. We need to secure victories, as our season’s efforts will be in vain otherwise. It’s regrettable what occurred,” Hezonja conveyed, as reported by Marca.

“It’s disheartening because we all strive for victory; we are all competitors here,” Hezonja added. “Whether we’re at the top or have already clinched a playoff spot, that’s irrelevant now. We need to elevate our game, display teamwork as we did last year because, otherwise, our journey could end abruptly.”

Real Madrid has recently suffered losses both in the league and in the Euroleague. In their last 10 Euroleague games, they have secured 6 wins and suffered 4 losses. This indicates that the once formidable Real Madrid is currently experiencing a dip in form, a trend I believe is unlikely to change at least until the commencement of the playoffs. Any existing issues must be addressed, and the team must unite to overcome this challenging period. I believe this process takes time and will likely occur when there is a significant goal to strive for. The upcoming game against Zalgiris may not be such a defining moment.

Zalgiris vs. Real Madrid: Who will win in Round 34?

Considering the circumstances and the condition of both teams, I believe it’s more likely that Zalgiris will emerge victorious in this game. Real Madrid may opt to preserve their players for the playoffs since they lack a significant incentive to win, aside from pride and morale. On the contrary, Zalgiris possesses a formidable home advantage at the Zalgirio Arena, which poses a challenge for any opponent. They are eager to defeat the top team in the Euroleague for several reasons.

Firstly, a victory would demonstrate their promising position and competitive level for the upcoming year. It would signify that they are on the right path and capable of challenging any opponent in the next Euroleague season. Moreover, A. Trinchieri would receive a vote of confidence if he successfully leads Zalgiris to victory against Real Madrid. This win would foster team stability and positive morale, particularly following the coaching change.

Although Real Madrid may be the superior team overall, they are unlikely to exert themselves unnecessarily at the Zalgirio Arena, where they won’t seek to take unnecessary risks for strategic reasons.

For betting, I choose:

Zalgiris vs. Real Madrid: Zalgiris to win with a handicap of -4.5.

Bet Builder:

  • Over 16.5 Points: K. Evans
  • Over 5.5 Assists: F. Campazzo
  • Over 5.5 Rebounds: K. Hayes
  • Over 1.5 3P made: E. Sumner


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