Xavi Pascual will serve as the new Head Coach of Anadolu Efes Istanbul for the upcoming season.

Xavi Pascual will assume the role of the new coach of Anadolu Efes Istanbul starting from next season. As for Efes’ performance this season, it’s challenging to determine whether it can be deemed a success or failure, as it hinges on whether they manage to secure a Euroleague play-in spot. Currently occupying 10th place in the Euroleague standings with two games remaining, it remains uncertain whether they will maintain that position or possibly fall out of the top 10. In February 2024, Tomislav Mijatović, who served as assistant coach of Anadolu Efes Istanbul, was appointed to replace coach Can Erdem, who left the team. This transition occurred after Efes lost to Zalgiris 96-70 in the 24th round of the Euroleague. Since the 26th Euroleague round, Tomislav Mijatović has continued to lead the team up to the present day.

Xavi Pascual’s career in the EuroLeague.

Xavi Pascual is a coach who has not managed many teams in his career, particularly in the EuroLeague, where he has only coached three teams. He has achieved some major accomplishments, including winning the EuroLeague in 2009-2010 with Barcelona. However, during the other seasons he remained at the helm of Barcelona, he did not achieve anything similar, with his best finish being 3rd in the EuroLeague competition. At Panathinaikos, one cannot say that he had a successful run, and the same can be said for Zenit Saint Petersburg, his team since 2020, where he has yet to make a significant impact in the EuroLeague.

EuroLeague Career Summary for Xavi Pascual:

TeamYearGamesWinsLossesWin %Result
FC Barcelona2007–0894544.4%Eliminated in Quarterfinal Playoffs
2008–092318578.3%Won in 3rd place game
2009–102220290.9%Won EuroLeague Championship
2010–112014670.0%Eliminated in Quarterfinal Playoffs
2011–122119290.5%Won in 3rd place game
2012–133125680.6%Lost in 3rd place game
2013–142923679.3%Won in 3rd place game
2014–152821775.0%Eliminated in Quarterfinal Playoffs
2015–1629161355.2%Eliminated in Quarterfinal Playoffs
Panathinaikos2016–1730191163.3%Eliminated in Quarterfinal Playoffs
2017–1834201458.8%Eliminated in Quarterfinal Playoffs
Zenit Saint Petersburg2020–2139221756.4%Eliminated in Quarterfinal Playoffs

Can Xavi Pascual help Efes next season?

Efes boasts a quality roster that any coach would covet. Their strong frontline, featuring T. Pleiss, W. Clyburn, D. Willis, E. Osmani, J. Tyrique, and D. Oturu, provides a solid foundation. Additionally, they possess players with scoring prowess, complementing star S. Larkin, such as E. Bryant, R. Beaubois, and D. Thompson.

Xavi Pascual, known for his offensive focus, may not significantly alter the team’s overall style. This season, Efes has excelled offensively in the Euroleague but struggled defensively, conceding 2720 points while scoring 2689 (a difference of -31).

To ensure a more successful next season, retaining key players is paramount. Unfortunately, rumors of S. Larkin’s departure loom, posing a potential setback to the team’s momentum.

Why is Anadolu Efes Istanbul not performing well in the Euroleague?

The level of this year’s Euroleague is exceptionally high, even in the absence of Russian teams. Even ASVEL Villeurbanne, currently second to last in the standings, possesses a formidable squad and has managed to secure victories against opponents like Efes and Fenerbahce at home. Panathinaikos, for instance, has significantly bolstered its roster across all positions and is a strong contender for the Euroleague title this season. Furthermore, there are high-caliber players like N. Mirotic, S. Ibaka, and K. Evans, who play for mid-tier teams but are capable of posing challenges to teams like Efes and accruing valuable points.

It is imperative for Efes to assemble a formidable squad, prioritize defensive prowess, and secure victories in such crucial matches to ensure a playoff berth, a task they have struggled with this season.


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