Will Hezonja Renew with Real Madrid or Transfer?

Will Hezonja Renew with Real Madrid or Transfer?

Statements regarding his renewal with Real Madrid were made by Mario Hezonja, highlighting one of the summer’s most anticipated decisions.

Hezonja’s Future with Real Madrid.

One of the summer’s ongoing sagas is expected to be the renewal of Mario Hezonja with Real Madrid. The Croatian forward is one of the most sought-after players in the Euroleague, and as long as his contract with Real Madrid remains unsigned, other teams are eyeing him to strengthen their rosters.

Current Negotiations.

In his statements, Hezonja admitted that he is in discussions with the management of the “Merengues.” However, he emphasized that no agreement has been reached yet:

“It is a lie that we have agreed. We are discussing and trying to come to an agreement, but now is not the time to talk about it,” Hezonja told a reporter who asked if he had already renewed with his team.

Potential Move to Panathinaikos.

One of the teams expected to make a move for Hezonja if he does not renew with Real Madrid is Panathinaikos. The Greens are closely watching the outcome of his negotiations with Real and are prepared to try to bring “Super Mario” back into their squad.


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