Why Fenerbahce will be the 2024-2025 Euroleague Finalist?

Why Fenerbahçe is the Team to Watch for the 2024-2025 EuroLeague Final?

Article updated on 22/07/2024.

Fenerbahce has had an impressive season in the Euroleague, reaching the Final Four in Berlin, which was unexpected at the beginning of the season. This transformation can be attributed to the arrival of Saras Jasikevicius as the head coach. He managed to steer the team through its initial confusion, set high goals, and foster a positive atmosphere in the locker room. As highlighted in our article comparing Ergin Ataman to Saras Jasikevicius, the latter’s success rates are commendable.

The experience gained by both the coach and players this season will be invaluable next season. I predict Fenerbahce will be in the Euroleague final in 2024-2025 for several reasons, which I will explain below.

Saras Jasikevicius.

Starting with Coach Saras Jasikevicius, Fenerbahce has a significant advantage. Jasikevicius, an experienced former player, is proving to have an excellent coaching career. His charisma and leadership were evident as he led the team to the Final Four, eliminating one of the favorites, Monaco, by winning on the road in Game 5 of the playoffs. Though Fenerbahce was eliminated by Panathinaikos, who won the Euroleague title, Jasikevicius’s guidance will likely shape the team to his vision with the right additions and departures.

Various scenarios are already circulating about potential changes, such as the arrival of Wade Baldwin and the departure of G. Papagiannis. N. Calathes has already sealed his departure, moving to Monaco for the upcoming season.


Georgios Papagiannis signed a contract with AS Monaco.


The deal with Wade Baldwin is finalized, so Fenerbahçe will not seek a player of similar caliber for the guard position. Additionally, Papagiannis and J. Motley are leaving, making it important to find a player to fill the gap in the center position. Fenerbahçe’s latest addition is Nicolò Melli from Armani Milano. Nicolò Melli will earn €1.4 million for two seasons. With these changes, Fenerbahçe will present a stronger lineup in the 2024-2025 season, making a serious bid for EuroLeague glory.

The Strength of Fenerbahce’s Roster.


In addition to the departures of G. Papagiannis and N. Calathes, T. Dorsey is also leaving Fenerbahçe to join Olympiacos. This suggests that players who have not received sufficient playing time this season may be on their way out, paving the way for new additions under Sarunas Jasikevicius, who understands the team’s dynamics and will adapt them to his system.

The stability of the core squad is a significant advantage, providing a solid foundation for new additions without necessitating a complete overhaul. The transition to new signings is expected to be smooth, giving Fenerbahçe a competitive edge for the upcoming season.

The core players likely to remain include M. Guduric, S. Wilbekin, N. Hayes-Davis, D. Pierre, and S. Şanlı.

Another major addition to Fenerbahçe is B. Colson, who has arrived from Maccabi Tel Aviv, strengthening the team’s frontline significantly.

What is Missing from Fenerbahce.

What Fenerbahce lacked this year is a true leader within the team. While N. Calathes helped significantly, his efforts alone were insufficient. Modern Euroleague teams need at least two leaders. This was the main difference with Panathinaikos, who had K. Nunn and K. Sloukas. Fenerbahce’s primary target for 2024-2025 should be securing another leader to bolster their lineup. If they succeed, they will be one of the favorites for the Euroleague title.

The Situation of Other Teams.

The current situation of other teams could benefit Fenerbahce next season. Many teams are undergoing significant changes, such as Monaco and Real Madrid, who are searching for new players, disrupting team cohesion. Barcelona and Olympiacos are also trying to form competitive squads.

Fenerbahce can capitalize on this by maintaining their core roster, making strategic additions, and having Saras Jasikevicius at the helm, who has brought new energy and a positive atmosphere to the team. This is a stable situation similar to Panathinaikos, who are also retaining much of their squad and planning to strengthen for 2024-2025.


As the roster takes shape, Fenerbahçe now only needs a center to complete their team and meet high expectations.

Current lineup:


  • Wade Baldwin IV
  • Eerten Gazi
  • Devon Hall
  • Scottie Wilbekin


  • Bonzie Colson
  • Nicolò Melli
  • Metecan Birsen
  • Nigel Hayes-Davis
  • Dyshawn Pierre
  • Hamza Mestoglou


  • Sertac Sanli

Final Thoughts.

I do not question the abilities and ambitions of other teams. However, given the circumstances, Fenerbahce has all the ingredients for a successful 2024-2025 Euroleague season, potentially more successful than this year. This implies their participation in the final, and possibly winning the trophy. They have a healthy club environment, a confident and ambitious coach, and a strong roster. The only missing piece is the addition of a center who can elevate the team during tough times. If this addition materializes, Fenerbahce will be one of the favorites to win the Euroleague in 2024-2025.


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