Wade Baldwin, Roman Sorkin & John Dibartolomeo to miss game 5 against Panathinaikos.

Wade Baldwin, Roman Sorkin & John Dibartolomeo to miss game 5 against Panathinaikos.

After Maccabi’s loss to Panathinaikos in Game 4 of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague playoffs, Kattash Oded, coach of Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv, appears to be facing new challenges. It all began when he decided to utilize Wade Baldwin in Game 4 against Panathinaikos. However, it seems that the American guard was not fully prepared, and not only did he fail to perform as expected, but his injury also worsened. It is now almost certain that he will be unable to play in OAKA on May 7 for Game 5 between the two teams, which will determine the team advancing to the Final 4. With the series tied at 2-2, this game holds significant importance.

Baldwin probably won’t play in Game 5; we knew his participation was risky. He really wanted to play, and it’s unfortunate that he got hurt again. But there’s nothing we can do; we’re going to go fight in Athens.

Kattash Oded at the press conference after Game 4.

What is the status of Dibartolomeo and Sorkin? Will they play in Game 5 against Panathinaikos?

Maccabi’s problems don’t stop with Wade Baldwin. In their last domestic league game against Hapoel Holon, Roman Sorkin was sidelined due to illness and is unlikely to recover in time for Game 5 against Panathinaikos. Additionally, John Dibartolomeo injured his shoulder in the final minutes of the game, but the severity of the injury is still unknown.

Kattash has relied heavily on both players, who have made significant contributions in the matches against Panathinaikos.

Hopefully, John Di’s condition isn’t too serious. It’s either the 72nd or 73rd match this year, and that’s part of the issue. It’s not easy. Nevertheless, our medical team has done an amazing job compared to other teams.

We were missing too many players. It was important for us to give some players a rest, and Roman’s illness was unplanned and a bit overwhelming for us. We played in formations we weren’t accustomed to. We were in the zone for 35 minutes, but everyone who stepped on the floor gave their best, and we came close to winning.

Kattash Oded updates on John Dibartolomeo and Roman Sorkin.

How significant are the absences of Dibartolomeo and Sorkin?

Both R. Sorkin and J. Dibartolomeo provided numerous solutions to Kattash Oded during the playoff series against Panathinaikos. Particularly, J. Dibartolomeo scored 10 points and secured 2 rebounds in Game 4, significantly contributing to Maccabi’s team with his experience. On the other hand, R. Sorkin had an impressive performance in Game 3, tallying 6 points and 3 rebounds, while consistently aiding the team in various game situations, especially defensively. Undoubtedly, these two players are capable of providing valuable minutes of rest to the main players and causing problems for the opposing team throughout their time on the court.

In particular, the absence of J. Dibartolomeo will be a significant loss for Maccabi, as they will be without two valuable guards. This adds to the challenge against Panathinaikos, who, apart from the absence of J. Hernangomez, faces no other issues.


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