Vassilis Spanoulis may be the next coach of Efes.

Vassilis Spanoulis may be the next coach of Efes.

Following their elimination from the Euroleague playoffs by Virtus Bologna, Efes is in search of a new coach. The name initially put forward was Xavi Pascual, however, the two parties have failed to reach an agreement. According to a Spanish publication, encestando, the next target is initially Dušan Alimpijević, but Vassilis Spanoulis’s name is also actively considered. On one hand, Alimpijević boasts familiarity with the Turkish league, yet may be perceived as lacking in Euroleague experience. On the other hand, Vassilis Spanoulis holds the potential to achieve greater success for Efes in the upcoming season.

Dušan Alimpijević.

Dusan Alimpijević, a seasoned basketball coach with a diverse international experience, began his coaching journey with Belgrade’s renowned team Crvena zvezda in July 2017. His debut as head coach in the Adriatic League marked the start of a career filled with both triumphs and challenges. Despite early successes, including a memorable EuroLeague win against FC Barcelona, Crvena zvezda faced setbacks under his leadership, leading to his departure from the club in May 2018.

Undeterred by the obstacles, Alimpijević ventured into the NBA scene with the Dallas Mavericks during the 2018 Summer League, gaining valuable exposure to the highest level of basketball competition. His next endeavor took him to Russia, where he assumed the role of head coach for Avtodor Saratov in November 2018. Though his tenure with the Russian team was short-lived, it added to his wealth of coaching experience.

In November 2020, Alimpijević embraced a new challenge as the head coach of Frutti Extra Bursaspor in the Turkish Super League. His leadership proved pivotal as he guided the team to success, culminating in the prestigious EuroCup Basketball Coach of the Year award for the 2021–22 season.

Alimpijević’s coaching prowess continued to attract attention, leading to an opportunity with the San Antonio Spurs coaching staff for the 2022 NBA Summer League, where he further honed his skills under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

His journey in the basketball world took another turn in June 2023, as he joined Beşiktaş Emlakjet, bringing his expertise and vision to the Turkish basketball scene once again.

Vasilis Spanoulis.

Vasilis Spanoulis, renowned for his illustrious career as a professional basketball player, transitioned seamlessly into the realm of coaching, bringing his wealth of experience and passion for the game to a new dimension. Born to lead both on and off the court, Spanoulis embarked on his coaching odyssey in 2021 following his retirement from professional play.

His coaching voyage began as the head coach of the EuroLeague Under-18 Next Generation Select Team. Under his tutelage, the team showcased remarkable talent and determination, culminating in a notable appearance in the EuroLeague Under-18 Next Generation Tournament’s 2021–22 season Finals.

In June 2022, Spanoulis assumed the role of head coach for Peristeri Athens, a Greek Basket League and FIBA Champions League club, marking the onset of a transformative era for the team. In his inaugural season, he steered Peristeri to unprecedented heights, guiding them to their first-ever finals appearance in the Greek Cup competition. Despite falling short in the title game, Spanoulis instilled a winning mentality within the squad.

The 2022–23 season saw Peristeri’s resurgence under Spanoulis’ leadership, securing a commendable third place finish in the Greek Basket League. Their journey in the playoffs showcased resilience and determination, with notable victories over formidable opponents. Spanoulis’ strategic acumen propelled the team to remarkable triumphs, including memorable victories over established EuroLeague clubs.

European-wide competition presented its challenges, yet Spanoulis navigated Peristeri through the FIBA Champions League with tenacity and grit. Though faced with adversity, their performance underscored the team’s competitive spirit and resilience on the international stage.

As the 2023–24 season unfolded, Spanoulis continued to shape Peristeri’s identity, fostering a culture of excellence and perseverance. Despite setbacks in domestic and European competitions, his unwavering commitment to the team’s growth remained unwavering.

Beyond the realm of club basketball, Spanoulis assumed the prestigious role of head coach for the senior men’s Greek national team in October 2023. His coaching debut marked a triumphant beginning, as Greece secured a significant victory in EuroBasket 2025 qualification, affirming Spanoulis’ ability to inspire and lead on the international stage.


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