Top clutch players for the Euroleague 2023-2024.

This year’s Euroleague is arguably the best in recent memory, boasting several quality teams contending for the title. This is evident from the final standings before the playoffs, where the margin between 2nd and 5th place was just one win. One of the most memorable games of the season was the matchup between Real Madrid and Efes, which extended into a fourth overtime to determine the victor, ultimately won by Real Madrid with a score of 130-126. Nevertheless, there were numerous other intense matches showcasing standout players who earned the title of the best clutch performers for the Euroleague 2023-2024 season.

After enjoying this video, let’s examine which players took the most crucial shots at the most pivotal moments, thereby securing valuable points for their teams.

1. Mario Grigonis – Monaco vs. Panathinaikos.

One of the most unforgettable nights in Euroleague history, particularly memorable for fans of Panathinaikos, occurred during their match against Monaco at Salle Gaston Médecin. It was in this game that M. Grigonis made a three-point shot in the final fraction of a second, securing a remarkable victory for Panathinaikos with a score of 90-91. Mario Grigonis undoubtedly emerges as one of the premier clutch players of the season, with his team placing immense trust in him to seize opportunities during critical moments of the game.

2. Kentrick Nunn – Virtus Bologna vs. Panathinaikos.

Another clutch player from the Panathinaikos team emerges in the form of Kentrick Nunn. Nunn has established himself as one of the players entrusted with the ball when the stakes are high, as evidenced in the game against Virtus Bologna at the Virtus Segafredo Arena. In this crucial match, with time dwindling, Panathinaikos secured a 79-81 victory after Nunn executed a decisive drive and jump shot. This victory proved pivotal in the race for second place in the standings.

3. Mario Hezonja – Real Madrid vs. Efes.

Mario Hezonja is arguably one of Real Madrid’s most potent scorers, known for his ability to put points on the board. One of his most memorable performances occurred in a game against Efes, where he demonstrated his clutch prowess by scoring an individual effort in the final seconds, forcing the match into overtime. This game extended into four overtime periods, with Real Madrid ultimately emerging victorious. Hezonja exhibited adaptability and skill, executing a hook shot while navigating the lane.

4. Nico Laprovittola – Barcelona vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv.

If we were to select a Barcelona player to have the ball in his hands during crucial moments, then Nico Laprovittola would undoubtedly be our choice. He showcased his ability in the game against Maccabi Tel Aviv, sinking a three-pointer in the closing seconds to secure a 92-89 victory for his team and secure their spot in the playoffs.

5. Mike James – Multiple games.

If we had to choose the most clutch player in this year’s Euroleague, our vote would undoubtedly go to Mike James. He’s the player who dictates Monaco’s offense, consistently making exceptional plays against formidable opponents such as Fenerbahce, Barcelona, and Virtus Bologna. And that’s not all. In the final seconds of critical games, Mike James can execute drives, provide assists, or draw smart fouls, solidifying his status as the most dangerous offensive player in the Euroleague currently. With all these attributes, he possesses the potential to be crowned MVP this year.

6. Wade Baldwin – The MVP of multiple rounds in the regular season.

With his impressive performance this year, Wade Baldwin, the most decorated MVP, is an indispensable inclusion on the list. When it comes to critical moments in the game for Maccabi Tel Aviv, there’s no doubt that he’s the one who needs to hold the ball and take the shot. His exceptional scoring prowess has positioned him at the pinnacle among guards this season, and it’s thoroughly deserved.


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