The Euroleague's response to the referees' mistakes in the Olympiacos and Panathinaikos games.

The Euroleague’s response to the referees’ mistakes in the Olympiacos and Panathinaikos games.

The Euroleague has officially addressed the complaints regarding the matches between Olympiacos and Barcelona, as well as Panathinaikos and Maccabi, in game 3 of the playoffs. Essentially, the organizers have determined that the only issue lies in Satoransky’s 5-second violation on the ball return during Barcelona’s game against Olympiacos. No rule violations were found in the other issues raised by the Greek clubs. Specifically:

With the 16.3 seconds remaining until the end of the fourth quarter, referees should have called a 5 second violation by Tomas Satoransky resulting on possession for Olympiacos Piraeus.

With 1.0 second remaining in overtime, Filip Petrusev contacts with his left hand the arm of Jabari Parker when he begins the upward motion that precedes the shot. The referees called a foul. Correct call.

Regarding the violations in the Olympiacos game against Barcelona

After having reviewed all available images there is no conclusive evidence showing that Josh Nebo steps on the endline, as his heel might be lifted from the floor and the camera angle does not show an opposite view.

With 14.9 seconds remaining of the last quarter Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv player Lorenzo Brown drives to the basket and attempts a field goal when Panathinaikos Aktor Athens player Mathias Lessort attempts to block the shot.

The center referee calls a goaltending violation when the game clock shows 0:14.9 of the fourth quarter. As this situation takes place in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter, this is a reviewable situation by the officials. The officials review the play in the instant replay system, and upon review they determine that the blocked shot was legal. Correct decision.

The reset of the shot clock is correct, as well as the restart of the game clock when the ball was tapped, and as there were 14 seconds or less remaining in game clock, the shot clock operator proceeds correctly in switching off the shot clock device (Art. 50.5 of FIBA OBR).

Regarding the violations in the Maccabi game against Panathinaikos

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