Tension Marks the Start of Berlin Final Four.

Panathinaikos Faces Hostile Welcome from Fenerbahce Fans.

The Berlin Final Four begins with the worst omens. A few hours after the arrival of Panathinaikos in the German capital, there was significant tension involving leading fans of Fenerbahce. About 20 Fenerbahce supporters were waiting for the “green” mission at the hotel where the team would be staying. As the team got off the coach, the fans started shouting slogans against the players, cursed Ergin Ataman, and moved threateningly towards him.

The incident with the coach:
The coach of Panathinaikos became enraged, “answered” them, and even requested the intervention of the hotel’s security. There was also tension with Matias Lessor. The situation escalated in the hotel lobby, where a Fenerbahce fan attacked members of the Panathinaikos delegation. Eventually, those without accreditation were forced out.


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