Serge Ibaka Addresses Rumors About His Future.

Serge Ibaka, the experienced center who played his first full season in the Euroleague this year, has been open about his future amidst swirling rumors.

Denying Real Madrid Rumors.

Recent reports have linked Ibaka with Real Madrid, suggesting that both sides have agreed on terms for the next season. However, Ibaka categorically denied these claims.

“No, come now. I was disappointed that these rumors came out while I was still playing in the playoffs. I didn’t like it. It seems to be the way things are done in Europe. I have suggestions from other teams, but I haven’t decided yet. I always want to finish things before starting the next ones,” said Ibaka.

First Full Euroleague Season.

This season marked Ibaka’s first full stint in Europe since his brief transfer to Real Madrid during the NBA lockout period. He delivered impressive performances, averaging 12.6 points and 6.8 rebounds in the Euroleague, leading Bayern Munich in both categories.

Future Considerations.

Ibaka emphasized that he has not yet agreed with any team and is considering multiple offers. His focus remains on completing his current commitments before making any decisions about his future.


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