Real Madrid's Determined Effort to Retain Mario Hezonia.

Ongoing Discussions with Mario Hezonia.

Discussions between Real Madrid’s management and Mario Hezonia have been ongoing lately, aiming to reach an agreement on his contract renewal.

Intensified Negotiations.

Real Madrid’s negotiations with Mario Hezonia’s side for the renewal of his contract have intensified in recent days. The Croatian center-back has been in talks with the “Queen’s” management and appeared to be buying time to delay his decision.

Key Pillar in Team’s Planning.

However, it seems Hezonia is a key pillar in the team’s planning, and therefore they are pushing hard to convince him to sign the new contract. Following the impressive five-year contract renewal of Eddie Tavares, worth 5 million euros per year (gross earnings), Real Madrid is keen to make Hezonia their next priority.

Interest from Other Teams.

Other teams have also shown interest in the Croatian forward, but it appears that Real Madrid has the upper hand. The player’s side understands that he is an important part of the team’s future plans, and the management’s approach reflects their strong desire to keep him on the roster.

Challenging Upcoming Season.

The new season will be challenging, with expected roster changes and outcomes determined by the season finale. If Real Madrid wins the championship with Chus Mateo on the bench, they plan to make the necessary adjustments to strengthen the team.

Stability for the Next Year.

Real Madrid wants to maintain a stable core for the upcoming year, making Mario Hezonia’s stay a crucial goal for the administration. His presence is seen as a gamble that could pay off for the Madrid team as they prepare for the new season.


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