Real Madrid vs. Panathinaikos: Euroleague Grand Final Prediction & Analysis.

Real Madrid vs. Panathinaikos: Euroleague Grand Final Prediction & Analysis.

It’s time for the Euroleague Grand Final, where the two teams that rightfully deserve to be there are facing each other. First-placed Real Madrid and second-placed Panathinaikos from the regular season will clash at the Uber Arena in Berlin, with the trophy in sight. Whoever emerges as the winner will make history. The players and coaches know this well and will give 100% in the final, which will take place on Sunday, May 26, at 18:00 UTC.

I believe we will witness a final with intense and shifting emotions. Both teams have proven they are capable of delivering the best and will surely provide us with a thrilling spectacle. Let’s take a closer look at the teams’ situations and explore the best betting options for the game.

Latest news and status of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid easily beat Olympiacos to reach the Euroleague final. They have proven that they possess the quality and depth in their roster, so they are not intimidated by even the toughest and most capable defenses. Despite the absence of G. Deck, players like D. Musa, M. Hezonja, G. Yabusele, and E. Tavares can score with ease against opponents. Real’s versatility also makes them the favorite to win the trophy. They had one win and one loss against Panathinaikos in the regular season, and it will be interesting to see if they can beat them a second time, in this final matchup, to win the trophy.

Aside from the absence of G. Deck, Chus Mateo faces no other issues on the bench. The Real Madrid team is extremely cohesive and playing amazing basketball. They just need to replicate their usual performance on the court to win the Euroleague title.

Panathinaikos news and status.

Panathinaikos has already achieved a remarkable feat. Last year, they finished 17th in the Euroleague standings, and this year they reached the final—something no team has ever done before. This turnaround came with significant roster changes and a new coach, Ergin Ataman. In the semi-final, they met Fenerbahce and, despite only facing danger a couple of times, managed to win easily with a score of 73-57.

Many believe that Panathinaikos will win this year’s Euroleague, which is what I predicted when analyzing the teams in the playoffs/play-in phase. The reasons will be explained below.

Both K. Sloukas and J. Hernangomez have previously dealt with some calf strain injury issues, and in the game against Fenerbahce, they were not 100% ready. However, it seems that Ergin Ataman protected them by limiting their playing time, and they may play more in the final, potentially being decisive factors in the outcome of the match. Panathinaikos has no injury problems and will have all their players available for the final against Real Madrid.

Real Madrid vs. Panathinaikos: Betting Tips.

Let’s explore the betting options available for the Euroleague Grand Final. Finals are often decided by standout performances, and this might give us a chance to capitalize on it. I have a feeling the final will see a high number of points, and a good low-stake option is to bet on the game going to overtime.

I wouldn’t want to bet on the winner, as all outcomes are wide open. If I had to choose the team that will win the final, I would pick Panathinaikos. Statistically, Panathinaikos has never lost in a final. Additionally, Ergin Ataman is the coach who managed to win the title twice in a row in the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 seasons with Efes. Let’s take a look at our betting picks:

Real Madrid vs Panathinaikos: Over 176.5 points total – Odds: 5.0

Combo Bet:

For our combo bet, I prefer to bet on players who I believe will shine in this grand final. After all, both teams will rely on them to win the precious trophy:

  • Over 14.5 Points: M. Lessort
  • Over 2.5 3-pointer made: K. Nunn
  • Over 5.5 assists: K. Sloukas
  • Over 6.5 assists: F. Campazzo
  • Over 14.5 Points: D. Musa
  • Over 5.5 Rebounds: E. Tavares

Odds: 31


Real Madrid


  1. Egor Demin (3)
  2. Facundo Campazzo (7)
  3. Carlos Alocen (12)
  4. Sergio Rodriguez (13)
  5. Sergio Llull (23)


  1. Fabien Causeur (1)
  2. Rudy Fernandez (5)
  3. Alberto Abalde (6)
  4. Mitar Bosnjakovic (8)
  5. Hugo Gonzalez (9)
  6. Mario Hezonja (11)
  7. Gabriel Deck (14)
  8. Guerschon Yabusele (28)
  9. Dzanan Musa (31)


  1. Ismaila Diagne (4)
  2. Vincent Poirier (17)
  3. Walter Tavares (22)
  4. Eli Ndiaye (30)


Chus Mateo



  1. Panagiotis Kalaitzakis (0)
  2. Luca Vildoza (2)
  3. Dimitris Moraitis (6)
  4. Kostas Sloukas (10)
  5. Jerian Grant (22)
  6. Kendrick Nunn (25)
  7. Marius Grigonis (40)


  1. Aleksander Balcerowski (8)
  2. Alexandros Samontourov (20)
  3. Ioannis Papapetrou (21)
  4. Juancho Hernangomez (41)
  5. Konstantinos Mitoglou (44)
  6. Eleftherios Mantzoukas (72)


  1. Mathias Lessort (26)
  2. Kostas Antetokounmpo (37)


Ergin Ataman


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