Real Madrid Signs Xavier Rathan-Mayes: A Surprising Transfer.

Real Madrid Signs Xavier Rathan-Mayes: A Surprising Transfer.

From Failure to Phenomenon: Xavier Rathan-Mayes’ Unlikely Journey.

At the age of 30, Xavier Rathan-Mayes’ European career, which started in Greece with AEK (for a short time), culminates in a move to Real Madrid. The Spanish giants are close to securing his acquisition.

Early Struggles and Uncertain Beginnings.

The paradoxical journey of Xavier Rathan-Mayes in Europe began in Greece with AEK. In 2018, the Canadian guard, after first playing five NBA games with the Memphis Grizzlies, joined AEK but departed before the calendar year ended.

Diverse Career Path Across Continents.

From Greece, Rathan-Mayes played in Israel, his native Canada, the US G-League, Romania, Australia, Turkey, and most recently, Russia with Enisey. His performance in the Baltic League was outstanding, with statistics of 25.7 points, 4.4 assists, and 4.3 rebounds. These impressive numbers have evidently caught the attention of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid’s Strategic Move.

Just a few hours after losing the Euroleague final to the new European champions, Panathinaikos, Real Madrid is determined to acquire Rathan-Mayes. At 30, this transfer could be a defining moment in his career.

Importance of the Transfer.

A Fresh Addition to the Squad.

This move is crucial for Real Madrid as they seek to bolster their roster with experienced talent. Rathan-Mayes’ versatility and proven scoring ability make him a valuable asset.

Strengthening the Team’s Depth.

Real Madrid is also focused on renewing contracts and securing new talent. They have agreed on a new contract with Eddy Tavares and are trying to convince Mario Hezonia to stay. However, Vincent Poirier’s potential departure to Anadolu Efes poses a challenge.

Future Aspirations.

By June 10, Real Madrid aims to sign Kyle Guy and is also eyeing Lorenzo Brown, who seems set to leave Maccabi Tel Aviv. Additionally, former Panathinaikos player Kyle Gayle, now with Tenerife, is high on their list.


This transfer signifies Real Madrid’s strategy to rebuild and strengthen their team after a disappointing Euroleague loss. Xavier Rathan-Mayes, with his diverse experience and proven track record, could be a game-changer for the team moving forward.


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