Real Madrid Extends Chus Mateo's Contract and Prepares for Key Roster Moves.

Real Madrid Extends Chus Mateo’s Contract and Prepares for Key Roster Moves.

Spanish AS revealed that Real Madrid has offered Chus Mateo a contract extension until 2026, which he has accepted. The plan includes signing Andres Feliz, targeting Serge Ibaka, securing a spot for Kyle Guy, and making Mario Hezonja a central figure in the roster. The future of Usman Garuba remains uncertain.

Chus Mateo’s Successful Tenure and Contract Extension.

When Chus Mateo replaced Pablo Laso as head coach of Real Madrid in the summer of 2022, he led the team to the top of Europe. Despite not securing the Euroleague crown this year, Mateo’s performance earned him a contract extension. According to AS, Mateo has been offered a new two-year contract, which he is expected to accept soon.

Key Transfers and Additions.

Andres Feliz and Maximo García Plata.

One of the first moves involves signing Andres Feliz from Badalona and 16-year-old guard Maximo García Plata from Estudiantes. These additions aim to bolster the team’s depth and future prospects.

Serge Ibaka and Usman Garuba.

Real Madrid is preparing to replace Vincent Poirier, who is moving to Anadolu Efes, with Serge Ibaka. Additionally, they are considering bringing back Usman Garuba, who may leave the NBA. Garuba’s return, however, poses questions as he may be overqualified for a third-center role.

Kyle Guy’s Inclusion and Perimeter Strengthening.

Former Panathinaikos player Kyle Guy fits well into Real Madrid’s roster. His three-point shooting is seen as essential, especially with the retirement of Rudy Fernandez and the potential departure of Sergio Rodriguez.

Mario Hezonja’s Future with Real Madrid.

Mario Hezonja is at the center of Real Madrid’s plans. After a strong season and expressing his desire to stay, Hezonja’s continued presence depends on finding a financial solution. If an agreement isn’t reached, Hezonja will become a highly sought-after player in the summer market.


Real Madrid’s strategic moves, including extending Chus Mateo’s contract and targeting key players, aim to strengthen their roster for the upcoming season. With new signings and critical decisions on current players, the team is poised to remain competitive on all fronts.


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