Real Madrid Announces Dzanan Musa's Stay Until 2025.

Real Madrid Announces Dzanan Musa’s Stay Until 2025.

Real Madrid has announced that Dzanan Musa will remain with the team at least until the summer of 2025. There was no significant doubt about this, but his contract included a clause for a potential return to the NBA. That clause has now expired.

Contract Details and NBA Clause.

It was not merely possible but considered certain. Dzanan Musa initially had another year on his contract with Real Madrid (until the summer of 2025), but suddenly the Spanish club announced his stay. This caused questions and curiosity, but the matter essentially revolved around the NBA out clause in the Bosnian guard/forward’s contract.

Musa’s Impressive Performance.

Musa, who had another excellent season (with 13.5 points, 2.7 rebounds, and 2.2 assists in the Euroleague), set his personal record of 40 points in a game during the top-tier club competition and had the option to return to the NBA. Now, this option is no longer available as the deadline has expired, which is why the official announcement of his stay in Madrid until the summer of 2025 was made.

NBA and European Career.

The 25-year-old played in the NBA from 2018 to 2020 with the Brooklyn Nets, and in 2021 he signed with Anadolu Efes. He played sparingly with the Istanbul team but nonetheless won the Euroleague under the guidance of his current Panathinaikos coach, Ergin Ataman.

Transition to Breogan and Rise with Real Madrid.

Musa then transferred to the Spanish team Breogan, where he began showcasing the impressive talents that have now made him well-known across Europe. Real Madrid brought him into their fold in the summer of 2022, and a few months later, he once again reached the top of the Euroleague. Now, he is preparing for the new season with “Los Blancos.”


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