Partizan's Summer Signings: Arijan Lakić and Bruno Caboclo.

Partizan’s Summer Signings: Arijan Lakić and Bruno Caboclo.

Arijan Lakić Joins Partizan.

Zadar’s Arijan Lakić has been selected by Zeljko Obradovic as Partizan’s first signing of the summer. The 24-year-old guard, who plays for Zadar, the Croatian champion, will bring his talents to Belgrade to help lay the foundations for the team of the 2024-25 season.

Lakić’s Background and Stats.

During the past season, Lakić averaged:

  • 9.4 points
  • 3.8 rebounds
  • 3.4 assists
  • 1.4 steals

Lakić started his career at Red Star and developed his talent in Zadar. Now, he returns to Belgrade, this time to wear the black and white jersey of Partizan, marking a significant step in his career.

Bruno Caboclo Stays with Partizan.

Despite recent disruptions caused by Bruno Caboclo, Partizan has decided to keep him on the roster for the next season. Caboclo’s sudden flight to the US, citing unspecified obligations with his country’s national team, caused some confusion and disturbance within the team. However, Obradovic values Caboclo’s fit with the team’s requirements, leading to the decision to retain him.

Disciplinary Actions and Team Strategy.

The Brazilian forward/center will face a fine for his actions but is expected to return to the team. Obradovic’s preference for Caboclo over Frank Kaminsky, who still has one year left on his contract, underscores Caboclo’s importance to the team’s strategy.

Partizan’s Vision for the Future.

After losing the title in both the Adriatic League and the national championship of Serbia to Red Star, Partizan is moving forward with a clear vision. Despite these setbacks, the team is focused on building a strong roster for the upcoming season. One of their main targets includes Chris Jones of Valencia, showcasing their ambition to strengthen the team further.

With Arijan Lakić and Bruno Caboclo on board, Partizan is setting the stage for a promising 2024-25 season.


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