Panathinaikos vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv: Playoffs Game 1 Prediction.

Panathinaikos vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv: Playoffs Game 1 Prediction.

Panathinaikos will face Maccabi Tel Aviv at OAKA on April 23, 2023, at 17:30 (UTC). If there’s one thing to note about this match, it’s that both teams are currently in fantastic form and have no absence issues. Panathinaikos finished 2nd in the Euroleague regular season, while Maccabi Tel Aviv secured 7th place after easily defeating Baskonia in the first play-in round at their neutral home in Belgrade. It’s worth noting that Maccabi Tel Aviv defeated Panathinaikos both at home and away during the regular season. However, this playoff game presents several differences compared to those encounters. Panathinaikos is in peak form in the Euroleague this season and now has players available who were absent in previous matches against Maccabi Tel Aviv.

The latest news and condition of Panathinaikos.

Panathinaikos secured 2nd place in the Euroleague regular season with 23 wins and 11 losses, boasting an impressive home record of 14 wins and only 3 losses, making them one of the strongest teams on their home court. Their home defeats came against Maccabi Tel Aviv (81-86), Olympiacos (78-88), and Real Madrid (78-90). However, they are currently enjoying a 9-0 home winning streak in the Euroleague, making them formidable opponents for any team at OAKA. Panathinaikos’ condition is highly favorable at present. In their last 10 Euroleague games, they have secured 8 wins and suffered 2 losses. Additionally, key players like I. Papapetrou have returned from long-term absences and are poised to contribute to the team’s success.

J. Hernangomez has seamlessly integrated into the team and can significantly contribute both offensively and defensively. The same can be said for K. Antetokoumpo, who provided valuable assistance when he stepped in for M. Lessort in the match against Alba Berlin. K. Sloukas has showcased peak performance in recent games, displaying exceptional leadership skills and guiding Panathinaikos to consecutive victories. Similarly, K. Nunn has demonstrated increased consistency in his game and has consistently contributed to the team’s scoring efforts.

E. Ataman is certainly pleased to see that the playoffs align with his players being in peak physical condition this year and that he has no absentees. Against Maccabi Tel Aviv, Panathinaikos has much to prove, considering that Maccabi has defeated them twice this season.

It’s important to note that Panathinaikos boasts the second-best defense in the Euroleague, allowing only a total of 2580 points throughout the entire regular season, while Olympiacos holds the top spot with 2526 points allowed. Additionally, Panathinaikos has the best point differential (PTS+/PTS-) after Real Madrid, with a margin of +172.

The latest news and status of Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Maccabi Tel Aviv faces challenges this year due to unfolding events in Israel. They are compelled to play their home matches on neutral ground in Belgrade, without the presence of fans. Despite these obstacles, they’ve had an outstanding season and capitalized on their home advantage, securing 13 wins with only 4 defeats. However, their away record shows 7 wins and 10 losses.

It’s noteworthy that Maccabi Tel Aviv exhibits two distinct characteristics. They boast the best offense this year, scoring a total of 2969 points in the regular season. However, they also possess the second-worst defense after Alba Berlin, conceding a total of 2939 points. While their offensive prowess is undeniable, their defensive performance leaves room for improvement.

Maccabi Tel Aviv’s players are currently in peak condition, mirroring the situation of Panathinaikos, experiencing their best phase this season. W. Baldwin consistently delivers impressive scoring performances in every game, while L. Brown showcased a return to form in the play-in game against Baskonia, scoring 29 points.

Maccabi Tel Aviv boasts an excellent lineup and currently possesses one of the most formidable starting quintets in the Euroleague, featuring J. Nebo, W. Baldwin, L. Brown, B. Colson, and J. Webb. However, it could be argued that they lack as strong a bench option as Panathinaikos, with the standout player being J. Rivero.

Against Panathinaikos, Maccabi Tel Aviv is tasked with replicating their previous successes this season. Specifically, they must once again find the keys to defeating them in the best-of-five round and securing qualification for the Final 4.

Panathinaikos vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv Playoffs Game 1: Betting Tips.

Although the outcome of the game seems uncertain and unpredictable on paper, I’m making a straightforward prediction. I believe Panathinaikos needs a decisive victory against Maccabi Tel Aviv for two main reasons. Firstly, it would significantly boost their morale for the remainder of the playoffs. Secondly, it would help them overcome the psychological barrier of losing to Maccabi twice already this season. If they manage to achieve this, they’re likely to enter the next round with increased strength and may even sweep the series 3-0. I acknowledge that it’s a challenging match given the current state of both teams. However, I’m inclined towards this betting option, which I believe is worth pursuing.

Betting Option:

Panathinaikos vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv Playoffs Game 1: Panathinaikos wins with a handicap of -14.5.

Bet Builder:

Based on my observations of the teams in their recent games and their previous matchups against each other, I have a bet builder proposition that could be validated in Game 1 of Panathinaikos vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv:

  • Over 2.5 3-pointer made: L. Brown
  • Over 2.5 3-pointer made: K. Nunn
  • Over 5.5 assists: K. Sloukas
  • Over 0.5 Steals: J. Grant
  • Over 12.5 points: K. Sloukas


Below, you can see the lineups of Panathinaikos and Maccabi Tel Aviv for Game 1 of the playoffs.

Panathinaikos AKTOR Athens:

  • Guard:
    • Panagiotis Kalaitzakis (0)
    • Luca Vildoza (2)
    • Dimitris Moraitis (6)
    • Kostas Sloukas (10)
    • Jerian Grant (22)
    • Kendrick Nunn (25)
    • Marius Grigonis (40)
  • Forward:
    • Aleksander Balcerowski (8)
    • Alexandros Samontourov (20)
    • Ioannis Papapetrou (21)
    • Juancho Hernangomez (41)
    • Konstantinos Mitoglou (44)
    • Eleftherios Mantzoukas (72)
  • Center:
    • Mathias Lessort (26)
    • Kostas Antetokounmpo (37)

Maccabi Tel Aviv:

  • Guard:
    • Antonius Cleveland (1)
    • Lorenzo Brown (4)
    • Wade Baldwin IV (5)
    • John DiBartolomeo (12)
    • Omer Mayer (17)
    • Yaron Goldman (19)
    • Joe Thomasson (24)
    • Tamir Blatt (45)
  • Forward:
    • James Webb III (3)
    • Rafi Menco (8)
    • Roman Sorkin (9)
    • Jasiel Rivero (14)
    • Jake Cohen (15)
    • Bonzie Colson (50)
  • Center:
    • Josh Nebo (32)


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