Panathinaikos Triumphs in Euroleague: Matias Lessor and Kostas Sloukas Shine.

Panathinaikos Triumphs in Euroleague: Mathias Lessort and Kostas Sloukas Shine.

Panathinaikos has made a thunderous return to the pinnacle of European basketball. Following their semifinal victory in the Final Four against Fenerbahce, Ataman’s team went on to defeat Real Madrid in the final (80-95) of the Euroleague, securing their 7th star.

Real Madrid 80 – 95 Panathinaikos.

Mathias Lessort Silences Critics.

In his post-match statements, Mathias Lessort addressed the harsh criticism he had received, delivering a powerful response to his doubters.

“Someone said I wasn’t a center for a competitive team. Someone said I was tall for the Eurocup. People still doubted me. Now I’m not a Eurocup champion, I’m a Euroleague champion. I thank these people,” the French center declared.

Lessort was instrumental in the final, performing exceptionally well against Tavares and Poirier. He finished the match with 17 points, making 5 out of 8 two-pointers, grabbing six rebounds, and winning 10 fouls.

Sloukas: A Story of Triumph.

Greek guard Kostas Sloukas, who moved from Olympiakos to Panathinaikos in the summer, reflected on his journey and the triumph in the final.

“Thank you, coach Ataman. He trusted me from day one. I believe in him and he in me, we have a very good partnership. He said from day one that people should get tickets to the Final 4 and now who’s to tell him what? We won and are European champions, well deserved. I’m proud of everyone,” Sloukas said.

He continued, “Last year was… last year. I was on another team. This year we suffered a lot, but we had faith, day by day. Here is my family, we stuck together, worked, and achieved something historic. Panathinaikos was out of the big moments for twelve years and what we achieved was something incredible.”

Sloukas also highlighted the significant risks taken by both himself and Coach Ataman, moving from successful teams to a Panathinaikos side that had been struggling. “Of course, there is a risk, he left a team that was at the top and Panathinaikos was 17th. But he had faith and believed from the first day that he would succeed. As for me, can you tell me a better story? To go from Olympiakos to Panathinaikos and take the cup? This is the best story. There is no better one,” Sloukas concluded.

Celebrations and Fan Frenzy.

The arrival of the European champions at their hotel was met with sheer delirium as fans deified the team for their historic victory. The scenes of celebration and joy encapsulated the significance of this triumph for Panathinaikos and their supporters.

This victory marks a new chapter for Panathinaikos, reaffirming their status as one of Europe’s elite basketball clubs. With key players like Lessor and Sloukas leading the way, the future looks bright for the Greek giants.


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