Panathinaikos should not underestimate Alba Berlin.

While Alba Berlin may currently occupy the bottom spot in the Euroleague standings, their upcoming match against Panathinaikos in OAKA carries no pressure or specific objectives for the season. The weight of the game and the desire for victory lies with the host team, Panathinaikos, who are striving to maintain their 2nd place position. This would secure them home court advantage in the playoffs and position them against a theoretically weaker opponent ranked 7th in the final standings. In the domestic championship, Panathinaikos encountered difficulties against Kolossos, leading to criticism from E. Ataman directed at certain players. However, the team’s primary focus must be on their overarching goal for the year: winning the Euroleague.

The challenges faced by Panathinaikos in their game against Alba Berlin.

In their recent games, Alba Berlin, devoid of the pressure to secure victories, has presented formidable challenges to their opponents. Particularly on the road, they hold the most unfavorable record among this season’s teams, with just one win and 15 losses. However, this doesn’t imply that Panathinaikos will face them as a team resigned to defeat. Alba Berlin is likely to fight vigorously in this match to regain their morale and potentially leave a lasting impression, even if it’s the final day of the season. A victory against the 2nd place Panathinaikos would hold significant importance for Alba Berlin.

Panathinaikos must remain vigilant and avoid complacency throughout the game. They have the opportunity to establish an early lead in the scoreline, thereby minimizing the risk of conceding a late-game loss. On a positive note, it’s evident that J. Hernangomez is currently in good form. In the recent match against Bayern Munich on matchday 33, he offered valuable contributions in both defense and offense. If he maintains this level of performance, Panathinaikos may have found a solution to allowing their starting center, M. Lessort, some minutes of rest on the bench without sacrificing competitiveness.

On the Alba Berlin side, J. Thiemann is in excellent form and could be one of the players capable of causing headaches for any opposing defense. Panathinaikos cannot rest on their laurels, as S. Brown and L. Olinde may also complicate the task for Panathinaikos.

Tension is brewing within Panathinaikos following their performance against Kolossos.

Panathinaikos came dangerously close to losing at home to Kolossos in the domestic league, with the visitors securing the win with just under a minute remaining in the game. Ergin Ataman commented after the match:

Terrible performance, terrible gameplay. When you believe you’re a top team but step onto the court with no determination, this is the outcome you’ll face. Our victory was purely luck-based. I must express my dissatisfaction with certain players as well. Vildoza’s performance was subpar. Every player needs to step up their game. Players like Vildoza shouldn’t take as many shots. You might say I’m criticizing my own player, but we must be prepared.

Many believe the Euroleague journey is already over. If we continue to perform like this against Alba, our entire season will be at risk of failure.

Ergin Ataman.

It’s crucial for Panathinaikos to maintain composure within the team ranks, especially considering the challenging road ahead in both the Greek Championship and the Euroleague. Players like L. Vildoza can be instrumental in navigating the team through its demanding schedule. If there is indeed tension brewing within the team, it’s imperative to address it promptly to ensure Panathinaikos remains competitive across all fronts.


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