Panathinaikos' Roster Rumors: No Mamukelashvili or Bertans in the Mix.

Panathinaikos’ Roster Rumors: No Mamukelashvili or Bertans in the Mix.

Just caught wind of some insider info that might stir up some chatter in the Euroleague community. Andrea Calzoni, a well-connected source on X (ex Twitter), dropped some hot takes regarding Panathinaikos’ potential roster moves. Spoiler alert: Sandro Mamukelashvili and Davis Bertans are not on their radar.

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room: why are Mamukelashvili and Bertans off the table? While Calzoni didn’t spill all the beans, it’s clear that Panathinaikos has a very specific vision for their lineup.

The Center Dilemma.

Word is that if Panathinaikos does sign a center, they want someone who can stretch the floor. Think modern, versatile big man who’s as comfortable knocking down a three-pointer as he is defending the paint.

In my recent blog post, I dove deep into the possible next signing for Panathinaikos. I speculated that Serge Ibaka could be the one to join the squad. However, it seems I might have to eat my words, as the latest buzz suggests Ibaka is leaning towards a move to Real Madrid instead.

Power Forward Shuffle.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Should Panathinaikos bring in a power forward, Dinos Mitoglou is set to slide into the center position. Mitoglou’s ability to play both positions gives the team some serious flexibility, but I don’t think this is what Ergin Ataman needs at the moment. He tried moving Mitoglou to center last season, and it didn’t go well.

What Does This Mean for the Team?

The team seems committed to a modern style of play, which could mean exciting things for their upcoming season.

While we wait for official announcements and further developments, it’s clear that Panathinaikos is making calculated moves to refine their roster.


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