Panathinaikos AKTOR vs Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv: Playoffs game 5 prediction & analysis.

Panathinaikos will host Maccabi for Game 5 of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Playoffs on Monday, May 7th, at 18:15 (UTC). This game will determine the team that advances to the Euroleague Final 4, as the score between the teams stands at 2-2. In the previous game in Belgrade, Panathinaikos emerged victorious with a score of 88-95. Kendrick Nunn led the scoring for Panathinaikos with 27 points, supported by Kostas Sloukas who contributed 20 points. From the Israeli side, Tamir Blatt and Lorenzo Brown stood out with 14 and 17 points respectively. Tickets for the game sold out within the first few hours, and Maccabi is expected to face a packed OAKA.

Undoubtedly, we are poised to witness one of the best games of the season, as both rivals have consistently delivered thrilling performances thus far. Maccabi showcases a team with a pure offensive orientation, boasting excellent scoring fluency. On the other hand, Panathinaikos not only possesses an outstanding offense but also ranks as the best defensive team in the Euroleague.

From a statistical standpoint, the match is highly intriguing. Maccabi has succeeded in defeating Panathinaikos four times this season (twice away and twice at home), whereas Panathinaikos has only managed to secure victory twice (once at home and once away, both in the playoffs).

Panathinaikos status and latest news.

Optimism is rampant within Panathinaikos’ ranks following their significant victory in Belgrade against Maccabi, which allowed them to overturn the series and host Game 5 at home. The team appears to be in excellent form, particularly with M. Lessort, who has shouldered heavy minutes across several games, effectively dominating J. Nebo in the post. Additionally, K. Sloukas has delivered three remarkable performances against Maccabi. Meanwhile, K. Nunn, initially underwhelming in the first two games of the series, has excelled in the last two encounters, establishing himself as Panathinaikos’ primary offensive threat at present.

Ergin Ataman remains unworried, as he faces no absences for the upcoming Maccabi game, aside from J. Hernangomez. He anticipates having the desired rotation, ensuring Panathinaikos secures the victory and advances to the Final 4. It’s worth noting that in the Playoffs, three of the top five scorers belong to Panathinaikos, with K. Nunn leading the pack.

Maccabi status and latest news.

At the moment, Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv appears to have lost the momentum they recently built. The absence of W. Baldwin, who sustained an injury in Game 2 against Panathinaikos and has not returned since, has undoubtedly played a catalytic role in this downturn. To compound matters, Kattash Oded attempted to utilize him in Game 4, resulting in a worsening of his injury and subsequent sidelining. Maccabi now faces the daunting task of achieving what no other team has accomplished to date: winning on the road in Game 5 to advance to the Final 4. Under different circumstances, I might have said they had a good chance, but given the current situation and the form of both teams, it appears almost impossible.

For Kattash Oded, concerns extend beyond W. Baldwin. In the league match against Hapoel Holon (which Maccabi lost 92-86), he witnessed J. Dibartolomeo leave with an injury, while the experienced R. Sorkin was absent due to illness. It remains uncertain whether both players will be available for Game 5, but it is evident that their preparation has been less than ideal.

Panathinaikos AKTOR vs Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv: Betting Tips.

The favorite for this particular game is clear, and of course, it is none other than Panathinaikos. They currently have the right momentum, the support of their fans, and a roster of ready players poised to claim victory and secure a spot in the Final 4.

On the other hand, Maccabi is facing significant challenges. They need to make a considerable breakthrough by defeating Panathinaikos on the road, despite a depleted roster, marking their third victory over Panathinaikos this year (with one win in OAKA during the regular season and one in the playoffs).

I can’t definitively predict whether Panathinaikos will secure a dominant win against Maccabi, as the visitors have demonstrated their ability to challenge Panathinaikos and will undoubtedly give their all in Game 5. As outsiders, they also carry less stress compared to Panathinaikos. Therefore, my primary betting point will be something that has been consistent thus far:

Panathinaikos AKTOR vs Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv: Panathinaikos AKTOR to score over 93.5 points. Odds: 2.8

Bet Builder:

For our combo bet, I’m going to select players who are in excellent form and I believe will play a crucial role in Game 5 of the Playoffs. Here’s my recommendation:

  • Over 8.5 points: T. Blatt
  • Over 20.5 points: K. Nunn
  • Over 6.5 assists: K. Sloukas
  • Over 2.5 3-pointer made: I. Papapetrou

Odds: 41.


Panathinaikos AKTOR:


  1. Panagiotis Kalaitzakis #0
  2. Luca Vildoza #2
  3. Dimitris Moraitis #6
  4. Kostas Sloukas #10
  5. Jerian Grant #22
  6. Kendrick Nunn #25


  1. Aleksander Balcerowski #8
  2. Alexandros Samontourov #20
  3. Ioannis Papapetrou #21
  4. Juancho Hernangomez #41
  5. Konstantinos Mitoglou #44
  6. Eleftherios Mantzoukas #72


  1. Mathias Lessort #26
  2. Kostas Antetokounmpo #37


  • Ergin Ataman

Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv:


  1. Antonius Cleveland #1
  2. Lorenzo Brown #4
  3. Wade Baldwin IV #5 – Doubful
  4. John DiBartolomeo #12 – Doubful
  5. Omer Mayer #17
  6. Yaron Goldman #19
  7. Joe Thomasson #24
  8. Tamir Blatt #45


  1. James Webb III #3
  2. Rafi Menco #8
  3. Roman Sorkin #9 – Doubful
  4. Jasiel Rivero #14
  5. Jake Cohen #15
  6. Bonzie Colson #50


  1. Josh Nebo #32


  • Oded Kattash


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