Panathinaikos AKTOR Files Objection Over Game 3 Decisions Against Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Panathinaikos AKTOR has lodged an objection following Game 3 against Maccabi Tel Aviv, contesting specific referee decisions that impacted the outcome. The controversy surrounds a crucial moment involving Matias Lesor’s block on Lorenzo Brown and subsequent possession call.

The crux of the matter lies in the disputed possession call, where Panathinaikos contends that they should have been awarded possession instead of a jump ball. Alternatively, if possession favored Maccabi Tel Aviv, it should have been for a significantly shorter duration—3.8 seconds—rather than the 14 seconds granted.

Christos Serelis, addressing the issue, emphasized the significance of the wrongly whistled phase and its impact on the game’s outcome. He stated, “We claim that in the phase that the referees whistled, the ball should have been given to us. And if not given to us, there should have been 3.8 seconds left to attack, not the 14 seconds that were awarded.”

Additionally, Panathinaikos AKTOR’s objection encompasses scrutiny of a critical foul by Josh Niebo in the dying moments of the game, occurring at 54.5 seconds to end the match with Maccabi Tel Aviv leading by one point.


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