Panathinaikos against Bayern Munich is seeking a win for two reasons.

Panathinaikos against Bayern Munich is seeking a win for two reasons.

After yesterday’s results involving teams Monaco and Barcelona, Panathinaikos temporarily dropped to the 4th position in the Turkish Airlines Euroleague standings. Tonight at 18:30 (UTC), they will face Bayern Munich at BMW Park. Bayern Munich has no chance to enter the Play-in and is essentially irrelevant for this game. However, for Panathinaikos, tonight’s game holds significant importance for two reasons.

The first reason is that if Panathinaikos secures an away win tonight, they will break the club’s record for the number of away wins. This season, they have won 8 away games and lost 8 on the road. Therefore, with a potential win tonight, Panathinaikos’ club will set a new record.

This, of course, is the essence of records. The more substantial reason Panathinaikos wants to defeat Bayern Munich tonight is to climb back up to the 2nd place in the Euroleague standings, and obviously to maintain that position as they are set to play against the last-place Alba Berlin at OAKA in round 34, where they are expected to secure a win.

Is the game easy for Panathinaikos against Bayern Munich?

Although it may appear to be an easy game for Panathinaikos, Bayern Munich has proven that they can compete at a high level and possess quality players capable of defeating any opponent, especially at home. Players like S. Ibaka and C. Edwards, if they have a good day, can score against even the best defenses.

E. Ataman, in his remarks, paid several compliments to Bayern head coach P. Laso, considering him one of the best coaches, and showed no signs of underestimating this game.

In detail, Ergin Ataman’s statements:

About Bayern Munich said:

“Very important and very difficult match. Maybe they missed the playoff target, but they have a very talented coach, one of the best in Europe. I have a lot of respect for Pablo Laso. They have experience, and they play at home, so we have to be focused and start the game like we did in Bologna. And not repeat the mistakes of the second half in Bologna, because we played great basketball in the first half but not in the second.

It’s a crucial game to protect the 2nd place. We’ll have a significant advantage if we win this game. They have experienced players like Ibaka, Lucic, as well as Nick Weiler-Babb and Francisco. This is not a team we should underestimate. We have to play good basketball, be aggressive on defense, and distribute the ball well on offense.”

Is the match in Munich a final?

“No, it’s not a final. It’s our last away game. Away games are typically more challenging. We feel more comfortable playing in OAKA, but in this EuroLeague, nothing is over until the last second. It’s a game we must win, and then we’ll focus on the next one.”

Regarding Panathinaikos when they play away from home:

“I don’t care if we have a positive record in away games. My only concern is finishing in second place. We must win this game. The other teams competing with us will also face tough matches. No one can afford to lose easily. The only record that matters in the history of the conference is reaching the Final Four and winning the title.”

Ergin Ataman's statements about Bayern Munich vs Panathinaikos


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