Oscar Da Silva Ends Barcelona Stint, Set to Join Bayern Munich.

Munich-born former Alba Berlin player, Oscar Da Silva, has officially parted ways with Barcelona and is set to return to Germany, joining Bayern Munich.

Contract Termination Trend in EuroLeague.

This summer has seen a significant trend in the EuroLeague, with numerous teams opting to terminate contracts and compensate players to move on. Barcelona is the latest team to follow this trend, releasing several players from their contracts prematurely.

Oscar Da Silva’s Departure.

Oscar Da Silva becomes the eighth player in the EuroLeague to face contract termination despite having time left on his deal. Barcelona announced the end of their partnership with Da Silva, which initially began in the summer of 2022 and was supposed to last longer.

However, Da Silva won’t remain a free agent for long.

Return to Germany with Bayern Munich.

The German-born Brazilian center has already secured his next move in the EuroLeague. After starting his professional career at Ludwigsburg and continuing at Alba Berlin, the 25-year-old, standing at 206 cm, is set to join Bayern Munich. An official announcement from Bayern is expected soon.

Performance at Barcelona.

During his time with Barcelona, Oscar Da Silva played in 37 EuroLeague games, starting 20 of them as the main center. He averaged 3.4 points and 2.7 rebounds per game, playing an average of 14.6 minutes.


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