Olympiacos Vs. Fenerbahce: Round 34 game prediction.

Olympiacos Vs. Fenerbahce: Round 34 game prediction.

Olympiacos and Fenerbahce are poised to clash at the Peace and Friendship Stadium on Friday, April 12th (18:15 UTC). This game serves as a mini-test for both teams ahead of the upcoming playoffs, as they have already secured their participation. Currently, Olympiacos holds the 5th spot, while Fenerbahce sits in 6th. However, neither team will enjoy home-court advantage in the playoffs; the only variable is their potential opponents, which could be Monaco or Barcelona (unless Panathinaikos loses to ALBA Berlin in OAKA).

On the Olympiacos side, I anticipate seeing a bit more defensive slackness than usual, as they conserve energy for the remaining playoff games. They will heavily rely on strategic coaching tactics. As for Fenerbahce, I expect to see players who haven’t had much playing time in previous games getting significant court time. It wouldn’t be surprising to see players like G. Papagiannis and T. Dorsey on the court for extended periods.

Latest Olympiacos news.

Olympiacos could have had an easy game against Crvena Zvezda in the 33rd round of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague, but G. Sfairopoulos’ team made it difficult for most of the game. However, they managed to secure the win with a score of 86-89, thanks to their strong defense and tactical prowess. Particularly impressive was M. Wright, who is increasingly syncing with the team’s dynamics and providing significant contributions both defensively and offensively.

Against Fenerbahce, we can expect a completely different game. Regardless of the opponent they face, Olympiacos has secured either 5th or 6th place without home advantage. My prediction is that we will witness an open match with less emphasis on strong and tough defenses.

Olympiacos will have a full lineup, except for their long-term absentees, primarily N. Milutinov and F. Petrusev.

Latest Fenerbahce news.

In the 33rd round of the Euroleague, Fenerbahce suffered an 80-82 loss to Efes, granting the latter a significant advantage in securing at least the 10th place (they could even secure 9th place if they defeat Virtus Bologna on the last day). Despite this setback, Šarūnas Jasikevičius’ team is currently in excellent form on the court. Therefore, against Olympiacos, they are expected to play aggressively and capitalize on any potential disorganization in the Olympiacos defense.

From Fenerbahce’s perspective, there are no absences, and Šarūnas Jasikevičius will have all players available, with the exception of A. Noua, who is doubtful.

Olympiacos Vs. Fenerbahce: Who will win?

Based on recent performances, it seems that Fenerbahce is currently in better form than Olympiacos. Additionally, considering that Olympiacos may prioritize preserving energy and protecting players for the upcoming playoffs, Fenerbahce has a solid chance to secure a victory at the SEF. I’m leaning towards this outcome, giving Fenerbahce a slight edge as Olympiacos tends to concede higher scores to opponents this season when they lose.

The suggestion:

Olympiacos vs. Fenerbahce: Bet on Fenerbahce to win with a -3.5 handicap.

Bet Builder:

  • Over 16.5 points: N. Hayes-Davis.
  • Over 4.5 assists: N. Calathes
  • Over 15.5 Points: M. Wright
  • Over 5.5 Rebound: G. Papagiannis


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