Olympiacos vs. Fenerbahce - 3rd Place Game Prediction & Analysis.

Olympiacos vs. Fenerbahce – 3rd Place Game Prediction & Analysis.

Olympiacos was defeated by the excellent Real Madrid in the Berlin Final Four and will face Fenerbahçe in a game that will decide the 3rd place in the Euroleague. Similarly, Fenerbahçe faced a furious Panathinaikos and inevitably lost by 16 points. On Sunday, May 26 at 15:00 (UTC), the game to decide the 3rd and 4th places between Olympiacos and Fenerbahçe will take place.

Both teams are outside the goal they set, namely to reach the final of the competition and win the Euroleague title. However, this game is important, as both Olympiacos and Fenerbahçe will be fighting for prestige in order to say goodbye to the competition in the best possible way.

Fenerbahce status and latest news.

Since the middle of the season, Fenerbahçe has had an excellent run with Saras on the bench. While initially considered outsiders, they managed to make the playoffs and not only that, but also eliminated one of the big favorites in this year’s Euroleague, Monaco. However, in the game against Panathinaikos, they appeared disjointed and failed to find offensive solutions. Moreover, they struggled to contain the opposing team’s players satisfactorily, resulting in a relatively easy defeat, despite reducing the difference to just one point, with a final score of 73-57.

The game for the third place, against Olympiacos, however, presents a different scenario. Both teams will likely approach the match with a more relaxed mindset, as it is mostly a matter of prestige. Fenerbahçe, with their versatility on both offense and defense, stands a good chance of securing the win. The key lies in the team’s ability to regroup after the loss against Panathinaikos and for players like J. Motley and S. Wilbekin to find their rhythm on the court.

Olympiacos news and status.

Olympiacos, last year’s finalist, suffered a decisive defeat by Real Madrid in the semifinals. Last year, Real Madrid clinched the trophy with a buzzer-beater shot by Llull. However, this year, the disparity in roster quality between the two teams seemed much clearer. Olympiacos is notably weaker than last year, with players like Kostas Sloukas and Aleksandar Vezenkov having left the team. Nonetheless, that doesn’t diminish Olympiacos’ aspirations, as they managed to eliminate Barcelona in the playoffs, suggesting their goal remains to contend for the trophy.

In the upcoming game against Fenerbahçe, Olympiacos is expected to play a more open style of basketball compared to their usual reliance on strong defense. Perhaps G. Bartzokas will field players who haven’t seen much court time in previous games, such as M. Wright and G. Larentzakis, to provide them with valuable playing time.

I don’t believe Olympiacos is desperate to win this game, nor will they allocate significant mental resources towards it, as their primary focus is likely on the domestic league.

Olympiacos vs. Fenerbahce – Betting tips.

I anticipate a pleasant game devoid of stress and tension from both teams. Saras’ enthusiasm is a positive factor for Fenerbahçe, and despite it seeming unlikely, I believe they will secure an easy win against Olympiacos. Fenerbahçe possesses the ability to score heavily from the perimeter, an area where Olympiacos is struggling. If T. Dorsey, S. Wilbekin, and M. Guduric perform well, we may witness a significant scoring advantage in favor of Fenerbahçe. Hence, I’m opting for the following prediction:

Olympiacos vs. Fenerbahce – Fenerbahce to win with a handicap of 6.5 points. Odds: 3.35.

Combo Bet:

Based on the fact that Olympiacos has a strong frontline and Fenerbahce has a very good perimeter scoring ability, I will go with the following options:

  • Over 7.5 Rebounds: N. Milutinov
  • Over 2.5 3-pointer made: S. Wilbekin
  • Over 10.5 points: N. Milutinov
  • Over 1.5 3-pointer made: T. Dorsey




  • Thomas Walkup (0)
  • Nigel Williams-Goss (1)
  • Isaiah Canaan (3)
  • Michalis Lountzis (4)
  • Giannoulis Larentzakis (5)
  • Naz Mitrou-Long (8)
  • Ignas Brazdeikis (17)
  • Shaquielle McKissic (77)


  • Anastasios Rozakeas
  • Veniamin Abosi
  • Kostas Papanikolaou (16)
  • Alec Peters (25)
  • Luke Sikma (43)


  • Moses Wright (2)
  • Moustapha Fall (10)
  • Filip Petrusev (30)
  • Nikola Milutinov (33)
  • Georgios Tanoulis (50)


  • Georgios Bartzokas



  • Sehmus Hazer (2)
  • Scottie Wilbekin (3)
  • Melih Mahmutoglu (10)
  • Mert Eksioglu (15)
  • Marko Guduric (23)
  • Tyler Dorsey (27)
  • Nick Calathes (33)
  • Yam Madar (41)


  • Metecan Birsen (1)
  • Nigel Hayes-Davis (11)
  • Tarik Biberovic (13)
  • Amine Noua (17)
  • Dyshawn Pierre (21)
  • Hamza Mestoglu (22)
  • Nathan Sestina (77)


  • Johnathan Motley (0)
  • Sertac Sanli (5)
  • Georgios Papagiannis (9)


  • Saras Jasikevicius


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