Olympiacos to Clarify Keenan Evans' Situation in Coming Days.

In the coming days, Olympiacos is expected to make decisive contacts with Keenan Evans‘ side to clarify the American player’s situation.

Keenan Evans’ Unfortunate Year.

Keenan Evans could easily take the title of the unluckiest player of the year. The American has been in talks with Olympiacos for about two months, with a pre-contract agreement offering him the biggest contract of his career. This was his chance to step up and play for a team that has consistently been at the top of European basketball.

Injury Setback.

However, fate had other plans. Evans suffered a serious knee injury in the semi-finals of the Lithuanian league, requiring 6 to 8 months of recovery.

Optimistic Recovery.

Twenty days post-surgery, Keenan Evans is reportedly doing great, with his doctors optimistic that he could return around Christmas. This optimistic outlook could change the trajectory of his future.

Upcoming Contacts with Olympiacos.

Olympiacos’ contact with Evans’ side is expected within the next 10 days. For now, the case is not “finished.” While it seems difficult for the preliminary agreement to remain valid, there is potential for a future collaboration under a different agreement, given Evans’ talent and resilience.

Past Resilience.

It’s important to note that Evans, who impressed all of Europe this year, has previously overcome a ruptured Achilles.

Olympiacos’ Planning.

Within the next 10 days, the case will be resolved, with the contact between the two sides determining the outcome. Regardless, Olympiacos continues its planning, focusing on other players like Sasha Vezenkov and Tyler Dorsey. For the first four months of the season, Evans will be out, but patience is key as the situation progresses.


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