Olympiacos: The Time Has Come for Changes.

Olympiacos: The Time Has Come for Changes.

Written by Themis Prokopiou

Olympiacos has had a challenging year, missing out on two major goals: winning the Euroleague and the domestic championship. Despite defeating Barcelona in the playoffs, they were eliminated by Real Madrid in the Final Four of the Euroleague. In the domestic league, they lost the championship to Panathinaikos after leading 2-0 in the best-of-five series, ultimately being defeated 3-2. As a result, it’s clear that changes are necessary, and they need to act quickly in the transfer market to integrate players capable of elevating the team to the next level.

The 2023-2024 Season for Olympiacos.

This season, Olympiacos significantly weakened its roster compared to last year’s Euroleague finalists. While they faced little difficulty in the domestic league due to Panathinaikos’ lower budget, the scene changed this year with Panathinaikos investing heavily, notably acquiring Kostas Sloukas, a former Olympiacos player. The departure of Sasha Vezenkov was another substantial blow, and the team struggled to fill these gaps. However, Olympiacos remained highly competitive, though injuries, particularly the absence of Nikola Milutinov in many games, significantly impacted their performance.

Olympiacos: What’s Next?.

Olympiacos must now focus on making the right and swift moves in the transfer market. They had their sights set on Mike James, but he renewed with Monaco. Finding a leading guard to fill the void left by Isaiah Canaan’s departure is imperative. Options like Chris Jones or Lorenzo Brown are still available, but they are dwindling. Additionally, they were unlucky with Keenan Evans, who agreed terms with Olympiacos but suffered a serious injury, ruling him out for almost half of the coming year. Another name that strongly features for Olympiacos is Tyler Dorsey. However, personally, I don’t see how this player will be able to boost the performance of Olympiacos in the future.

Can Olympiacos Claim the Euroleague in 2024-2025?

Absolutely. Olympiacos needs to regroup, learn from this year’s mistakes, and avoid them in the future. They still have a strong roster, but a few key additions are necessary to ensure they are not just chasing miracles. Managing injuries and working on the psychological aspect is crucial, as they have come close to winning the Euroleague in recent years but fell short. Coach Georgios Bartzokas‘ defensive-oriented system requires offensive solutions and scoring prowess, which, if addressed, could make Olympiacos one of the favorites for the Euroleague title in 2024-2025.


Olympiacos does not require radical changes in the coaching staff or roster. They are a well-structured team with a solid foundation. A complete overhaul would be a mistake. Instead, they need to add one or two players with leadership and offensive skills. This would significantly improve their performance next year and create an excellent team. We await Olympiacos’ next moves in the market and the players they will target or acquire. The removal of coach Georgios Bartzokas seems unlikely given his achievements with this year’s roster. However, some players who no longer serve a purpose should be let go, and the right, quality additions should be made.


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