Olympiacos Seals the Deal: Sasha Vezenkov Returns.

Olympiacos Seals the Deal: Sasha Vezenkov Returns.

Sasha Vezenkov has made a big decision! The Bulgarian star has decided to return to Olympiacos, finalizing an agreement with the team from Piraeus, who offered him a lucrative contract, demonstrating how much they want him.

The biggest transfer in Europe is a reality and it belongs to Olympiacos, who is bringing Sasha Vezenkov back to the team!

The 2023 EuroLeague MVP, after much consideration, decided to say no to the NBA and the Toronto Raptors, as well as to Panathinaikos, choosing his beloved Olympiacos, the team through which he became the top player in Europe.

EuroleagueFans Announcement.

EuroleagueFans reported that Sasha Vezenkov will return to Olympiacos as of June 29.

The Transfer Details.

Olympiacos has been working on this transfer for a long time, with Christos Bafes’ and Giorgos Skindilias’ trip to Bulgaria being crucial for the development of the matter. Now, the only thing remaining is the official release of Sasha Vezenkov from the Toronto Raptors, so the agreement with Olympiacos can be finalized.

This is a multi-year offer, which will exceed 10 million euros in total, with Olympiacos going above and beyond to show how much they want, believe in, and love Sasha Vezenkov. He returns to his beloved team with the aim of achieving what he couldn’t in the past: to lead them to the top of Europe.

Vezenkov’s NBA Journey.

Last summer, Sasha Vezenkov took a risk and chose to go to the NBA, accepting an offer from the Sacramento Kings. However, this decision didn’t work out for him, as Sacramento’s coach Mike Brown never gave him the chance to showcase his talent. About a month ago, Sasha Vezenkov announced that he wanted to leave, and the Toronto Raptors acquired him through a trade.

The Canadians wanted to keep him and still have him on their roster, but Sasha Vezenkov preferred Olympiacos. While the Raptors have the final say, they don’t seem willing to forcefully keep the player.

A Lucrative Contract Awaits.

Upon his arrival in Piraeus, the Bulgarian forward will become the “Midas of Europe” and European basketball. Once he signs with Olympiacos, he will see his wallet fill with much more money than he has been accustomed to receiving so far.

Once Vezenkov is released from the NBA, he will sign a five-year contract with the “Red and Whites,” which, including bonuses, will amount to 20 million euros. This will make him the highest-paid player in Europe.

Contract Details.

The first three years of the contract are guaranteed and fixed, with Vezenkov set to receive 10 million euros for this period, or 3.3 million euros annually. Following this, there are options to extend for another two years, ultimately reaching the five-year mark and totaling 17 million euros, which, with the additional bonuses, becomes 20 million.

During his previous tenure at Olympiacos (2018-23), Vezenkov saw his salary increase from 900,000 to 1.5 million. With the nearly 3.3 million euros he will now receive annually under the new contract, the increase reaches an impressive 150%. This is a truly remarkable percentage increase for the former EuroLeague MVP’s earnings.


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