Olimpia Milano is a rising Euroleague powerhouse.

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Most sports websites focus on the top teams of last year’s Euroleague, and for good reason. Big-name athletes have moved to the favorites, the most notable example being Lorenzo Brown, who signed with Panathinaikos, the team that won the Euroleague in the 2023-2024 season. However, what we may all be missing is the overall picture that is starting to take shape with the rosters of the leading teams. The most notable so far is Fenerbahce, which has brought in excellent guard Wade Baldwin and power forward Bonzie Colson and is yet to add a center to become one of the strong favorites for the 2024-2025 season. As I mentioned in a previous article, considering that Fenerbahce managed to reach the Final Four with last year’s roster, with this year’s roster, they have a good chance to reach the Finals and maybe even win the next Euroleague.

While I have already shared my opinions on Fenerbahce, in this article, I will focus more on the up-and-coming Euroleague powerhouse, which is undoubtedly Olimpia Milano.

What we can expect to see from Olimpia Milano?

The methodical approach that Olimpia Milano appears to be taking in planning their roster for the upcoming Euroleague season has caught my attention. Last season, they failed to reach the playoffs, suffering in some key areas that we all noticed. Firstly, their star player, Nikola Mirotic, was absent for a significant portion of the regular season, which undoubtedly cost the team valuable victories that could have placed them higher in the final standings. The burden of this absence fell heavily on Melli Nicolò and Shavon Shields, who both performed exceptionally well.

The second reason for Olimpia Milano’s failure to reach last season’s playoffs was the absence of a capable and experienced center. This put them at a disadvantage against teams that had even a mediocre solution in the center position, let alone when facing teams with strong centers like Real Madrid or Olympiacos.

However, for the coming season, these problems seem to have been largely resolved, and I believe that Olimpia Milano will be a major contender in the Euroleague.

Why Olimpia Milano Will Be a Major Contender in the 2024-2025 Euroleague?

At the moment, Olimpia Milano appears to have the most complete roster among the Euroleague teams. They possess capable shooting guards, an excellent backcourt, and one of the best frontcourts in the league. Although Melli Nicolò has departed for Fenerbahce, they have acquired key players who can help the team take the next step. It’s undeniable that Olimpia Milano now consists of star players. No longer can it be said that they lack in any area, as they are now competitive both in the Euroleague and in their domestic Italian league. Let’s take a closer look at how Olimpia Milano’s roster shapes up for the 2024-2025 season.

Josh Nebo, arguably one of the best center in the 2023-2024 Euroleague season, is now with Olimpia Milano. Additionally, Zach Leday has returned to Olimpia from Partizan. This gives them a formidable frontcourt consisting of Josh Nebo, Nikola Mirotic, Zach Leday, and Guglielmo Caruso.

With such a well-rounded roster, Olimpia Milano is expected to be one of the main protagonists in the upcoming Euroleague season.

Let’s not forget that Nikola Mirotic was named MVP of the Euroleague in the 2021-2022 season, having delivered outstanding performances with Barcelona.

Mirotic Earn Euroleague MVP title.

In the backcourt, we will find the excellent Shavon Shields, who has proven to be an excellent ball handler, the relentless shooter Armoni Brooks, Napier Shabazz, Lo Maodo, and the newly acquired Neno Dimitrijevic.

As you can see, this is a balanced roster, composed of both talented and experienced players. Additionally, it exudes stability with Coach Ettore Messina at the helm, who has won the Euroleague title four times in his career.

Final Thoughts.

Olimpia Milano seems to be heading in the right direction with their roster moves while maintaining their quality core from the previous year. The additions in key positions, such as Josh Nebo at center, will provide excellent solutions in the paint. Certainly, the goals for the upcoming season are higher, and from my perspective, they can achieve a good position in the Euroleague standings and secure a playoff spot. If Ettore Messina manages the roster well and avoids injuries to key players, we might see Olimpia Milano in the Final Four or even in the final.

The upcoming Euroleague season will be very interesting, as many teams are investing in strong rosters, and Olimpia Milano is one of them, already having one of the most well-rounded squads.

In the 2023-2024 Euroleague season, Olimpia Milano finished in 12th place, missing the playoffs with a total of 15 wins and 19 losses.


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