OAKA Set to Compete for Next Season's Final 4.

The new OAKA is expected to challenge for next season’s Final 4 along with Barcelona, Belgrade, and Abu Dhabi.

2007 Days to Be Relived at OAKA.

OAKA may experience the excitement of 2007 again in the next season. This is because, after the actions of KAE Panathinaikos and AKTOR, Athens is expected to submit a candidacy for hosting the Final 4 in 2025.

Since the OAKA has passed into green hands and sweeping changes will be made in the summer, combined with the fact that the city meets all the infrastructure conditions for such an event, it is expected that they will lead the Municipality of Athens to submit a relevant file.

Panathinaikos’ Ambitious Plans.

With the recent changes at OAKA, Athens is gearing up to submit a strong bid for the 2025 Final 4. The upgraded facilities and infrastructure improvements make Athens a strong contender for this prestigious event.

Competition from Other Cities.

We remind you that Barcelona, Belgrade, and Abu Dhabi have already expressed interest in hosting the Final 4 for the next season.

Historical Context.

The last time the Final 4 was held at OAKA was in 2007, when Panathinaikos won the EuroLeague for the fourth time in its history.


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