Nikola Mirotić Remains at Olimpia Milano, No Transfer to AS Monaco.

Nikola Mirotić Remains at Olimpia Milano, No Transfer to AS Monaco.

Nikola Mirotić has confirmed his commitment to Olimpia Milano, dispelling recent rumors of a potential transfer to AS Monaco. The Spanish-Montenegrin forward will continue his career in Italy, contributing his skills and experience to the Milanese squad.

Amidst a turbulent transfer season, Olimpia Milano retains a key player in Nikola Mirotić. The versatile forward, known for his scoring ability and leadership on the court, has decided to stay with Milan.

Mirotić’s Career and Impact.

Nikola Mirotić, born on February 11, 1991, in Podgorica, Montenegro, has been a prominent figure in European basketball. After a successful stint in the NBA, Mirotić returned to Europe, signing with Barcelona before joining Olimpia Milano. His presence has been pivotal for Milan, both in domestic leagues and in the EuroLeague.

Performance Highlights.

Since joining Olimpia Milano, Mirotić has consistently delivered outstanding performances. His ability to score from both inside and outside the arc, combined with his rebounding and defensive skills, makes him a valuable asset for the team.

Key Statistics with Milan.

  • Points: 16.9 per game
  • Rebounds: 5.7 per game
  • Assists: 0.9 per game
  • Steals: 0.8 per game

No Move to Monaco.

Recent rumors suggested that AS Monaco was interested in acquiring Mirotić to bolster their frontcourt. However, these speculations have been laid to rest with Mirotić’s decision to remain in Milan. The forward feels well-settled in Italy and is focused on continuing his career with Olimpia Milano.

Strategic Retention.

For Milan, retaining Mirotić is a strategic move. His experience, coupled with his scoring and leadership, will be crucial as Milan aims to compete at the highest levels in the EuroLeague and domestic competitions. Mirotić’s decision to stay underscores the club’s ambition and stability.

Milan’s Roster Developments.

While Mirotić remains, Olimpia Milano has been active in the transfer market, securing key signings like Ousmane Diop and Neno Dimitrijevic. The club is focused on building a robust roster capable of challenging for titles. Mirotić’s continued presence provides a solid foundation around which the team can build.


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