Nikola Milutinov: "Even with limited playing time, I'll support the team".

Olympiacos is gearing up to host Barcelona tomorrow (04/30) at the SEF, aiming to shift the quarter-final series to 2-1 in their favor.

In anticipation of tomorrow’s match, Olympiacos’ coach, Giorgos Bartzokas, commented, “We might witness variations in performance. Whether it’s an exceptional display from a player, a team’s reaction, or their lack thereof, such dynamics are typical of playoffs. Players are human, not machines, hence much hinges on the human factor. Undoubtedly, tension will run high, as seen in the physicality and intensity of the preceding matches.”

Responding to inquiries about potential absences, Bartzokas stated, “Petrushev is fit. Papanikolaou participated in yesterday’s team training but appears to lack stamina. While he won’t feature for thirty minutes, he’ll undoubtedly be on the bench, and I anticipate his contribution.”

Regarding the numerous missed rebounds and errors, he stressed, “Mistakes are tied to offensive execution. We’ve identified areas for improvement. Rebounding demands physicality; it signifies readiness, determination, and willpower. We must be in prime physical and mental shape to secure rebounds. Despite errors in the first match, we largely controlled proceedings. Conversely, in the second match, there was a perceptible drop in intensity, possibly due to a sense of complacency. Although we strived for victory, our decision-making and gameplay lacked the vigor displayed in the initial encounter.”

Highlighting the significance of home advantage, Bartzokas remarked, “Our fans undoubtedly buoy our spirits. The home environment provides comfort and confidence, with supporters rallying behind us. Home-field advantage is paramount, as evident in Barcelona’s previous matches. Teams vie for it throughout the season in preparation for the playoffs, and we’ve now reclaimed it.”

Nikola Milutinov echoed sentiments of team unity, stating, “Even with limited playing time, I’ll support the team. Playoffs emphasize team effort over individual prowess. It’s imperative we band together and exert ourselves to secure victory.”

Asked about the key to victory, Milutinov emphasized, “In the first game, we exhibited greater determination, contesting balls fiercely. Regrettably, we faltered in this aspect in the second match. We must outperform our previous efforts, especially with the unwavering support of our fans. Victory hinges on our relentless pursuit of success.”

Addressing Barcelona’s dominance in the paint, he noted, “Barcelona boasts a formidable team, particularly in their attacking prowess. We must enhance our performance in rebounding, a crucial aspect given our talented roster. It’s regrettable that this facet eluded us in previous matches, and it’s imperative we rectify this in tomorrow’s game.”

With these adjustments and a united front, Olympiacos aims to secure victory and sway the series in their favor.


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