Monaco's Social Media Team: Champions of Trolling.

Monaco’s Social Media Team: Champions of Trolling.

Monaco may not have the best Euroleague team, but they certainly have the best social media admins! Their latest antics included some epic trolling aimed at Fenerbahce after Fenerbahce was knocked out by Panathinaikos.

The Principality’s Digital Prowess.

If Monaco is famous for anything other than good basketball, it’s their team’s social media accounts. The Principality team has taken trolling to another level, which they demonstrate at every opportunity!

Playoff Drama and Online Humor.

The French team was eliminated by Fenerbahce in a dramatic and episodic series in the playoffs, so this year they are watching the Final Four from their couch.

Of course, this does not prevent them from commenting on the events, which they did even after the qualification of Panathinaikos to the final of the competition.

The Viral Post.

A few minutes after the end of the game, a photo was uploaded to Monaco’s social accounts showing two intersections. One road depicted the path for Monaco and Fenerbahce leading home, and the other road pointed towards Panathinaikos heading to the Final Four.

Monaco’s social media team proved once again that while their basketball might not always win, their online presence is always in top form.


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