Monaco vs. Fenerbahce: Playoffs game 1 prediction.

Monaco vs. Fenerbahce: Playoffs game 1 prediction.

Monaco will host Fenerbahce at Salle Gaston Médecin on Wednesday, April 24 at 5:00 p.m. (UTC) for the first game of the playoffs. It’s worth noting that Monaco finished 3rd in the Euroleague regular season with 23 wins and 11 losses, while Fenerbahce finished 6th with 20 wins and 14 losses. At home, Monaco boasts 13 wins and just 4 losses, whereas Fenerbahce has struggled on the road with only 5 wins and 12 losses.

However, for those who have been closely following the Euroleague this season, it’s evident that Fenerbahce is currently in top form. Since Šarūnas Jasikevičius took over as coach, the team has undergone significant improvements, resulting in numerous successes and a commendable 6th place finish in the final rankings.

Monaco: Status and latest news.

Monaco has achieved something remarkable. Apart from finishing 3rd in the Euroleague’s regular season, they managed to win games even when they didn’t perform well. This is mainly attributed to M. James, who has undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for being named MVP of this year’s Euroleague. However, those who have watched Monaco in their recent games will notice that they are not in the best possible shape. M. James has scored under 20 points in recent games, and Monaco has struggled even against weaker opponents like ASVEL Villeurbanne.

It’s worth noting that Monaco does not have a deep roster. They are limited in their rotations, which will likely cost them in the numerous playoff games or if they advance to the final 4. Nevertheless, in the first game after the short play-in break, they have the advantage as they are playing at home, which should logically bring energy to the court.

Saša Obradović has no absence problems and will field his team in full against Fenerbahce.

Fenerbahce: Status and latest news.

Fenerbahce is a team with a deep roster and numerous offensive options. They boast a combination of experienced players and high-scoring talents. Arguably, they are currently enjoying one of their best seasons in the Euroleague and have achieved memorable successes. One notable achievement was their victory on the road against leaders Real Madrid. However, in their last game against Olympiacos at the Peace and Friendship Stadium, they suffered a loss in overtime, falling short in the details.

Against Monaco, I believe they will navigate through the current playoff phase, given their depth of players, ability to capitalize on home ground advantage, and freshness for the next round. The initial match against Monaco presents an opportunity to establish dominance and tilt the home-court advantage in their favor for the best-of-five round of the playoffs.

Šarūnas Jasikevičius is an excellent coach, as evidenced by his track record. His team will have no absentees against Monaco and will line up at full strength.

Monaco vs. Fenerbahce – Playoffs game 1 betting tips:

I believe Fenerbahce is currently in better form than Monaco. Undoubtedly, it’s a tough and contentious match, but if Fenerbahce set up well on the court, they stand a good chance of leaving the Salle Gaston Médecin with a victory. Monaco appears to be experiencing a decline in their performance in recent games, which could prove costly if they fail to regain momentum soon. I see a potential betting opportunity emerging regarding the match outcome, albeit with inherent risks. Personally, I’m inclined towards the double option, with Fenerbahce to win.

Betting Option:

Monaco vs Fenerbahce: Fenerbahce win.

For the Bet Builder, we have several players who could shine in this game, providing us with the chance to create a high-performance bet.

Bet Builder:

  • Over 20.5 points: M. James
  • Over 10.5 points: D. Motiejunas
  • Over 3.5 assists: S. Wilbekin
  • Over 15.5 points: N. Hayes-Davis

The above bet builder gives odds of approximately x56.


Here are the lineups for Monaco and Fenerbahce:



  • Elie Okobo
  • Jordan Loyd
  • Kemba Walker
  • Matthew Strazel
  • Mike James


  • Jaron Blossomgame
  • John Brown
  • Alpha Diallo


  • Petr Cornelie
  • Mam Jaiteh
  • Donatas Motiejunas


  • Sasa Obradovic



  • Sehmus Hazer
  • Scottie Wilbekin
  • Melih Mahmutoglu
  • Mert Eksioglu
  • Marko Guduric
  • Tyler Dorsey
  • Nick Calathes
  • Yam Madar


  • Metecan Birsen
  • Nigel Hayes-Davis
  • Tarik Biberovic
  • Amine Noua
  • Dyshawn Pierre
  • Hamza Mestoglu


  • Johnathan Motley
  • Sertac Sanli
  • Georgios Papagiannis


  • Saras Jasikevicius


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