Maccabi vs. Panathinaikos: Playoffs Game 3 Prediction & Analysis.

Maccabi vs. Panathinaikos: Playoffs Game 3 Prediction & Analysis.

Maccabi will host Panathinaikos at the Aleksandar Nikolić Hall in Belgrade, a neutral court, on Tuesday, April 30th at 17:00 (UTC) for game 3 of the playoff series. Following a significant victory in game 1, Maccabi suffered a defeat by Panathinaikos in game 2 and now returns to their home court, having been assigned both the Stark Arena and the Aleksandar Nikolić Hall in Belgrade. They aim for two victories that would secure their qualification for the Final 4. On the other hand, Panathinaikos displayed their best performance yet against Maccabi in the previous game and secured a win that keeps their hopes alive for reaching the Final 4.

Latest news and status of Maccabi.

Despite losing at OAKA in game 2, Maccabi holds a significant advantage as the next two games will be played at home. In their last game, they were without W. Baldwin, one of the team’s key players, but according to the latest news, he will be available against Panathinaikos on Tuesday. Undoubtedly, it will be a tough match, but with the return of W. Baldwin, Coach Oded Kattash will once again have all his team’s weapons at his disposal against Panathinaikos. In the regular season, Maccabi boasted a 13-4 home record, demonstrating their ability to capitalize on this advantage.

This particular match has some peculiarities that we need to be mindful of. W. Baldwin is recovering from a minor injury, casting doubt on his availability for the upcoming game. While he might perform well, there’s also a chance that he won’t. This uncertainty could either work in favor of or against Maccabi, given their heavy reliance on his performance. Panathinaikos will not risk waiting until game 4 to give their all. They will surely put up a great performance, especially considering Baldwin’s return from injury, in order to secure a victory and gain the advantage necessary for qualification.

Panathinaikos status and latest news.

Panathinaikos delivered a stellar performance, securing a victory over Maccabi in game 2 with a score of 95-77. Not only did they exceed their typical scoring average, but they also effectively limited Maccabi to under 80 points. K. Sloukas appears to be the linchpin for Panathinaikos against Maccabi, showcasing exceptional performance in both game 1 and game 2, providing the team with a significant boost. However, Ataman understands that the path to victory hinges on defense and rebounding. If Panathinaikos can continue to contain Maccabi, they will undoubtedly have a strong chance of departing Belgrade with a win.

In the Euroleague Regular Season, Panathinaikos achieved 9 wins and 8 losses away from home, demonstrating their ability to compete effectively on the road. Game 3 promises to be a more physical encounter than the previous two, with much of the action likely to revolve around the rim, as both teams opt for a cautious approach with fewer long-range shots.

Maccabi vs. Panathinaikos Playoffs Game 3: Betting tips.

Maccabi’s matchup against Panathinaikos in game 3 will deviate from the previous two encounters, taking into account the data and the unique dynamics of this contest. Both teams will seek to generate scoring opportunities through their centers, drawing fouls to earn free throws, and battling for rebounds. As a result, the pivotal players in this game are likely to be centers rather than guards for both teams. In the previous game, I accurately forecasted that Panathinaikos would surpass 90.5 points, which indeed transpired. However, I predict that this time we won’t witness such an open offensive display, as Maccabi will prioritize defensive strategies to contain Panathinaikos. Therefore, I recommend:

Maccabi vs. Panathinaikos Playoffs Game 3: Under 165.5 points in the match.

Bet Builder:

I believe it’s highly likely that we’ll witness a game dominated by action in the paint rather than one primarily focused on perimeter play. Therefore, I’m inclined to select some picks with favorable odds for our Bet Builder:

  • Over 15.5 points: M. Lessort
  • Over 6.5 Rebounds: M. Lessort
  • Over 8.5 Rebounds: J. Nebo
  • Over 14.5 Points: B. Colson



  • Guard
    • Panagiotis Kalaitzakis
    • Luca Vildoza
    • Dimitris Moraitis
    • Kostas Sloukas
    • Jerian Grant
    • Kendrick Nunn
    • Marius Grigonis
  • Forward
    • Aleksander Balcerowski
    • Alexandros Samontourov
    • Ioannis Papapetrou
    • Juancho Hernangomez – Injured
    • Konstantinos Mitoglou
    • Eleftherios Mantzoukas
  • Center
    • Mathias Lessort
    • Kostas Antetokounmpo
  • Coach
    • Ergin Ataman

Maccabi Tel Aviv:

  • Guard
    • Antonius Cleveland
    • Lorenzo Brown
    • Wade Baldwin IV
    • John DiBartolomeo
    • Omer Mayer
    • Yaron Goldman
    • Joe Thomasson
    • Tamir Blatt
  • Forward
    • James Webb III
    • Rafi Menco
    • Roman Sorkin
    • Jasiel Rivero
    • Jake Cohen
    • Bonzie Colson
  • Center
    • Josh Nebo
  • Coach
    • Oded Kattash


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