Maccabi Tel Aviv Vs. Emporio Armani Milan: Round 34 game prediction.

Maccabi Tel Aviv Vs. Emporio Armani Milan: Round 34 game prediction.

In an exciting game during the 33rd round of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague, Maccabi Tel Aviv was narrowly defeated by Barcelona in the final seconds, courtesy of a Laprovittola three-pointer, resulting in a score of 92-89. Maccabi now holds and has secured the 7th place in the standings, granting them home-court advantage for the play-in, where they will face the 8th place team in a single home game.

Armani Milan fulfilled their obligation against Virtus Bologna in week 33, securing a victory with a score of 90-75, and now hold onto the slim hope of reaching the play-in. To achieve this, they must win their upcoming match in the 34th round against Maccabi. However, simultaneously, Efes will need to lose to Crvena Zvezda at home, and Partizan will need to suffer a defeat against Valencia in their home match.

Status and Latest News about Maccabi Tel Aviv.

In their recent game, Maccabi Tel Aviv suffered a 92-89 loss to Barcelona on the road, yet their strong form over the past few weeks remains undeniable. Possessing a competitive roster capable of challenging any team in this year’s Euroleague, Maccabi Tel Aviv showcases standout performances from key players. J. Nebo, in exceptional form, provides solutions both defensively and offensively, while W. Baldwin delivers his best season yet. Additionally, B. Colson stands out as one of the premier forwards in the Euroleague currently, contributing significantly to Coach O. Kattash’s strategies on the court.

Heading into the match against Armani Milan, Maccabi Tel Aviv aims to maintain their current points position without risking their 7th place standing. Undoubtedly, they will fiercely contend for victory at home to bolster their morale for the upcoming Play-in and playoffs. Anticipated is an open game characterized by loose defenses, affording O. Kattash’s players greater freedom of movement on the court.

Currently, Maccabi Tel Aviv boasts a record of 19 wins and 14 losses, with 12 of those wins secured at home.

Latest News and Status of Armani Milan.

Armani Milan is essentially relying on a miracle to secure a spot in the play-in, as they need two teams above them to lose on the final day of the season while they must defeat Maccabi simultaneously. Since N. Mirotic’s return, they have undergone a significant transformation into a highly competitive team, capable of achieving a higher ranking in the next season. Realistically, I predict that Armani Milan’s Euroleague journey will conclude by week 34, regardless of the outcome.

N. Mirotic seems to be in excellent form, providing a significant boost to the team. On the court, they now have the ability to contend with stronger opponents. In the upcoming match against Maccabi, E. Messina will undoubtedly urge his players to seize even the slightest chance of making it to the play-in. I believe they can achieve this, especially considering that Maccabi may not exert full force, potentially conserving energy for subsequent rounds.

Currently, Armani Milan holds a record of 15 wins and 18 losses, positioning them in 12th place in the standings.

Maccabi Tel Aviv Vs. Emporio Armani Milan: Who will win?

I believe Emporio Armani Milan holds a slight advantage, mainly due to the potential motivation for this match. Even if they fail to secure a spot in the play-in, they can still conclude the year with a psychological victory and inspire hope in their fans for the upcoming season. I anticipate that Maccabi won’t approach the game aggressively; they may leave space for their opponents and allow free shots, as they no longer have anything to gain in terms of standing position. Armani Milan has a chance to win this match, possibly even by a significant margin.

E. Messina has quality players on his bench capable of securing a victory. My betting choice for this match is:

Maccabi Tel Aviv vs. Emporio Armani Milan: Emporio Armani to win with a -4.5 Points Handicap.

Bet Builder:

  • Over 18.5 Points: N. Mirotic
  • Over 5.5 Rebounds: N. Mirotic
  • Over 2.5 3P Made: W. Baldwin
  • Over 3.5 assists: W. Baldwin


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