Maccabi Tel Aviv Vs Baskonia: Play-in Round game prediction.

Maccabi Tel Aviv Vs Baskonia: Play-in Round game prediction.

On April 16, 2024, at 17:00 (UTC), Maccabi Tel Aviv will host Baskonia for the Euroleague Play-in round, which will decide the 7th place in the standings. Maccabi will play at a neutral site in Belgrade, with star player W. Baldwin making a last-minute flight from Israel due to recent developments. I don’t know if what is happening there will affect the performance of Maccabi’s players, but the team has shown that they are in good form and momentum, and are undoubtedly the favorites for this particular match. However, the same is true for Baskonia, which is coming off two Euroleague wins in a row on the road against Real and Virtus Bologna, and also had a winning season in the Spanish league, beating Breogan at home.

Latest news and status of Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Maccabi Tel Aviv secured the 7th place in the Euroleague during the regular season, and now they are set to face Baskonia with the advantage of playing at home in the play-in round to ultimately determine the 7th place. If they suffer a loss, they will then confront the winner between Efes and Virtus Bologna once again at home to settle for the 8th place and complete the playoff teams. Maccabi Tel Aviv plays at a neutral home ground in Belgrade, without the presence of fans, which is essentially a disadvantage. However, this year they have demonstrated that this does not hinder them, boasting 13 wins and only 4 home defeats.

The team is in excellent shape, with its players, especially stars W. Baldwin and J. Nebo, appearing unstoppable recently. They will undoubtedly rely on the scoring prowess of L. Brown, a player who I believe will begin to shine from now on, given his standing as one of the best shooting guards. In their last 10 Euroleague games, they have secured 7 wins and suffered just 3 losses, boasting the best offense. Nevertheless, they are also a team that concedes a lot of points, providing the opponent with ample opportunity to claim the game through merit. I anticipate a high-scoring match between two offensively strong teams.

Maccabi Tel Aviv has accumulated a total of 2969 points, the highest in the Euroleague, while they have conceded 2939 points, the second most after Alba Berlin, who have allowed 2944.

Latest news and status of Baskonia.

Baskonia has undergone a transformation and exhibits tremendous energy on the court, making them one of the most formidable teams at the moment. In their last two games, they secured significant victories against Real Madrid and Virtus Bologna, propelling them to the 8th place after the conclusion of the regular season. M. Howard is in excellent form, having scored 35 points against Real Madrid and 34 points against Virtus Bologna. In their last 10 Euroleague games, Baskonia has secured 6 wins and suffered 4 losses, while on the road, they have accumulated 8 wins and 9 losses in total, indicating their strength as a team away from home.

Currently, Baskonia is riding a wave of amazing momentum and will undoubtedly present a highly competitive challenge against Maccabi Tel Aviv. However, it remains uncertain how Maccabi will perform due to the developments in Israel. Nevertheless, Baskonia boasts players who can demonstrate remarkable competitiveness and potentially secure a victory against Maccabi. In addition to M. Howard, M. Costello is in excellent form, and C. Moneke contributes significantly, while C. Miller-McIntyre serves as the driving force of the team. Baskonia possesses the 4th best offense in the Euroleague, with a total of 2847 points scored, while conceding 2865 points.

Maccabi Tel Aviv vs. Baskonia Lineups:

The lineups of the teams for the game are as follows:

Maccabi Tel Aviv Lineup
  • Antonius Cleveland
  • Lorenzo Brown
  • Wade Baldwin IV
  • John DiBartolomeo
  • Omer Mayer
  • Yaron Goldman
  • Joe Thomasson
  • Tamir Blatt
  • James Webb III
  • Rafi Menco
  • Roman Sorkin
  • Jasiel Rivero
  • Jake Cohen
  • Bonzie Colson
  • Josh Nebo
Head CoachOded Kattash
Baskonia Lineup
  • Markus Howard
  • Chris Chiozza
  • Joseba Querejeta
  • Codi Miller-McIntyre
  • Jordan Theodore
  • Sander Raieste
  • Aleksandr Savkov
  • Tadas Sedekerskis
  • Vanja Marinkovic
  • Daniel Diez
  • Nikolaos Rogkavopoulos
  • Khalifa Diop
  • Maik Kotsar
  • Matthew Costello
  • Seydina Faye
  • Chima Moneke
Head CoachDusko Ivanovic

Maccabi Tel Aviv Vs Baskonia Play-in Round: Betting Tips.

Certainly, Maccabi appears as the favorites, but not in the manner suggested by the bookies, and there is little value in betting on them to secure a victory. However, alternative betting options can be explored, especially since key players are anticipated to assume more initiative and playing time.


Maccabi Tel Aviv Vs Baskonia Play-in Round: Over 176.5 Total Points.

Bet Builder:

  • Over 2.5 3-Pointers Made: L. Brown
  • Over 5.5 Rebounds: M. Costello
  • Over 15.5 Points: C. Moneke
  • Over 13.5 Points: J. Nebo

The odds for the above bet are approximately x46.

I believe L. Brown will find success from beyond the three-point line, particularly as Baskonia’s defensive focus is likely to concentrate on W. Baldwin. M. Costello has been a dominant force under the basket in recent games, and this matchup suits him well. Additionally, C. Moneke should benefit from facing looser defenses, allowing him the versatility to accumulate several points. Finally, J. Nebo stands a good chance of scoring significantly, especially considering Baskonia lacks a formidable center, providing Nebo ample opportunities to contribute to the scoring.


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