Maccabi Tel Aviv Close to Signing Kevin Punter.

Maccabi Tel Aviv is set to complete a high-profile transfer, reportedly nearing the signing of Kevin Punter. This summer is expected to be hot in the European market, with many transfer moves anticipated. Maccabi Tel Aviv aims to be a key player in these transactions and is already demonstrating its ambitions.

Team Preparations and Key Developments.

Oded Kattash’ team is awaiting updates on Lorenzo Brown and Wade Baldwin, but is proactively working to fill gaps and bolster its roster with quality players.

Advancing the Kevin Punter Deal.

According to Inside Serbia, the “people’s team” has not only advanced its pursuit but is in the final stages of acquiring Kevin Punter, who has played in Belgrade for Partizan over the past three years.

Contract Details and Transfer Impact.

Punter’s contract with Partizan, where he has been a key player, extends until the summer of 2025. However, reports from Serbia suggest he is expected to leave the final year of his contract to join Maccabi Tel Aviv next season. This move is considered game-changing for Oded Kattash’ side, strengthening their perimeter with a player capable of winning games and taking responsibility in crucial moments.

Punter’s Potential Impact.

Punter’s addition to Maccabi Tel Aviv is significant. He is a player who can win games on his own when he’s in form and isn’t afraid to take responsibility when the stakes are high. This is a crucial element that stands out in Punter’s game, as he has been a leader for Partizan during his three years with the team.


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