Maccabi Playtica Tel Aviv vs Panathinaikos AKTOR: Playoffs Game 4 Prediction & Analysis.

Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv vs Panathinaikos AKTOR: Playoffs Game 4 Prediction & Analysis.

In our analysis of Game 3 of the series between Maccabi and Panathinaikos, we encountered several observations, particularly noting the intense power dynamics as the teams’ centers dominated the game. Indeed, Josh Nebo showcased one of his stellar performances, tallying 22 points and securing 9 rebounds.

The upcoming Game 4 will be hosted at the Aleksandar Nikolić Hall, serving as a neutral ground for Maccabi Tel Aviv. This game holds significant weight as it could potentially determine the final participant in the Final 4. If Panathinaikos secures a victory, the series will extend to a decisive Game 5, held at Panathinaikos’ home ground, OAKA.

Both teams are driven by distinct motivations; Panathinaikos seeks to sustain their contention for a Final 4 spot, while Maccabi aims to clinch the series 3-1 and secure an early qualification. This forthcoming game is anticipated to be a spectacle, possibly surpassing previous encounters between the two teams. Following the events of Game 3, where the visiting team vehemently reacted, even contesting certain refereeing decisions, Panathinaikos appears to be rallying fervently.

A positive development for Panathinaikos is the resurgence of Ioannis Papapetrou’s performance, yet his individual efforts may not suffice against a resurgent Maccabi. Maccabi will rely on their formidable offense, bolstered by the talents of Lorenzo Brown, Bonzie Colson, and the momentum of Josh Nebo, to assert dominance on the court and progress to the next stage, namely the Final 4.

In terms of home records, Maccabi boasts an impressive 15 wins against 4 losses, while Panathinaikos’ away record stands at 9 wins and 9 losses. Notably, Maccabi possesses the Euroleague’s weakest defense but compensates with the most potent offense, whereas Panathinaikos holds the accolade for the second-best defense.

Maccabi Playtica Tel Aviv vs Panathinaikos AKTOR Playoffs Game 4: Betting tips.

I perceive this upcoming game as heavily favoring Panathinaikos, especially considering the absence of W. Baldwin, as was the case in Game 3. The visiting team will need to capitalize on every available player against Maccabi, who objectively possesses a more constrained roster. I anticipate a standout performance from Panathinaikos players, particularly the perimeter players such as M. Grigonis, K. Nunn, K. Sloukas, and L. Vildoza. Taking a risk, I hold a strong belief that Panathinaikos will excel offensively, potentially surpassing their highest scoring tally in the Euroleague this season.

Maccabi Playtica Tel Aviv vs Panathinaikos AKTOR Playoffs Game 4: Panathinaikos AKTOR to score over 97.5 points. Odds: 7.2

Bet Builder:

Based on my observations from the three games played between the teams, I’ve selected certain players whom I believe will shine in Game 4. This selection will assist me in choosing a lucrative combination bet with favorable odds. Therefore, I propose the following recommendations:

  • Over 2.5 3-pointer made: K. Nunn
  • Over 14.5 points: K. Sloukas
  • Over: 12.5 points: I. Papapetrou
  • Over: 4.5 Rebounds: I. Papapetrou

Total Odds: 61


Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv:


  1. Antonius Cleveland (1)
  2. Lorenzo Brown (4)
  3. Wade Baldwin IV (5)
  4. John DiBartolomeo (12)
  5. Omer Mayer (17)
  6. Yaron Goldman (19)
  7. Joe Thomasson (24)
  8. Tamir Blatt (45)


  1. James Webb III (3)
  2. Rafi Menco (8)
  3. Roman Sorkin (9)
  4. Jasiel Rivero (14)
  5. Jake Cohen (15)
  6. Bonzie Colson (50)


  1. Josh Nebo (32)


  • Oded Kattash

Panathinaikos AKTOR:


  1. Panagiotis Kalaitzakis (0)
  2. Luca Vildoza (2)
  3. Dimitris Moraitis (6)
  4. Kostas Sloukas (10)
  5. Jerian Grant (22)
  6. Kendrick Nunn (25)
  7. Marius Grigonis (40)


  1. Aleksander Balcerowski (8)
  2. Alexandros Samontourov (20)
  3. Ioannis Papapetrou (21)
  4. Juancho Hernangomez (41)
  5. Konstantinos Mitoglou (44)
  6. Eleftherios Mantzoukas (72)


  1. Mathias Lessort (26)
  2. Kostas Antetokounmpo (37)


  • Ergin Ataman


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