Luca Vildoza: "We're determined to win in Belgrade".

Ergin Ataman and Luka Vildoza, in anticipation of Game 3 and Game 4 (30/4, 17:00 UTC & 02/05, 18:45 UTC) of the Euroleague Playoffs against Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv, conferred before the team’s departure to Belgrade. The coach, emphasizing the pivotal nature of the upcoming matches, stressed the importance of securing victory to progress to the Final Four.

“At 1-1 in the series, each game is crucial for demonstrating our merit for the Final Four,” said Ataman. “Our focus is on showcasing resilience and a strong performance against a formidable opponent like Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv.”

Addressing tactical adjustments, Ataman highlighted the team’s strategic analysis post-Game 1 and the imperative of minimizing errors, particularly in transition defense. “We’ve identified areas for improvement, especially in our defensive efforts and rebounding,” he noted. “Rebounding will be pivotal in the upcoming games, considering Maccabi’s prowess in offensive rebounds.”

Regarding player roles and potential lineup changes, Ataman emphasized adaptability in response to Maccabi’s lineup variations, particularly in the absence or presence of key players like Wade Baldwin. “We have a roster of versatile players capable of stepping up,” he affirmed.

On the absence of Juando Hernangomet, Ataman confirmed his non-participation in the forthcoming matches.

Meanwhile, Luka Vildoza expressed confidence in the team’s ability to secure victories away from home. “We’re determined to win in Belgrade,” Vildoza asserted. “Despite the challenges posed by Maccabi, we believe in our capabilities to succeed on the road.”

Discussing the shift in game dynamics due to the change in venue, Vildoza acknowledged the absence of home crowd support but emphasized the team’s internal motivation. “While the atmosphere may differ, our focus remains unwavering on the significance of the Euroleague playoffs,” he stated.

Reflecting on his return to familiar grounds, Vildoza expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming match in Belgrade. “I have fond memories of this stadium,” he shared. “Though personal connections are meaningful, my allegiance lies with Panathinaikos AKTOR, and I’m eager to contribute to our collective success.”


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