Llull: "We're all healthy, fresh and eager to contribute".

Llull: “We’re all healthy, fresh and eager to contribute”.

In a crucial Euroleague playoffs match, Real Madrid demonstrated their prowess with a strategic victory over Baskonia. Coach Mateo and player Sergio Llull provided insights into their approach and mindset following the win.

Coach Mateo emphasized the significance of their defensive efforts in countering Baskonia’s strengths. He highlighted Baskonia’s proficiency in the counter-attack, shooting, and rebounding, acknowledging the challenge they posed. Mateo praised his team’s offensive performance while stressing the importance of maintaining defensive intensity throughout the game.

“We were good offensively, but defensively, we made a concerted effort to neutralize Baskonia’s strengths,” Mateo stated. “Despite their ability to score, we maintained our defensive pace and believed in our ability to secure the win.”

Looking ahead, Mateo emphasized the need to remain focused and resilient, recognizing that every game in the playoffs is a final. He commended his team’s unwavering spirit, even in the closing moments of a secured victory, as they prepare for the challenges ahead.

“It’s important to carry a 2-0 lead to Vitoria, but we must stay grounded,” Mateo remarked. “We cannot afford to underestimate any opponent. Each game demands our full attention and effort.”

Echoing Mateo’s sentiments, Sergio Llull expressed satisfaction with the team’s performance and emphasized their collective health and eagerness to contribute. He highlighted their ability to contain Baskonia’s strengths and underscored the importance of maintaining their momentum.

“We’re in a good rhythm, and everyone is eager to play their part,” Llull commented. “Our focus now shifts to our upcoming matches, starting with Obradoiro and then Vitoria.”

Reflecting on his individual achievements, particularly the three-point record, Llull acknowledged the added pressure but emphasized that team success remains the top priority.

“While individual accolades are gratifying, winning as a team is paramount,” Llull affirmed. “Our focus remains on delivering strong team performances and securing victories.”

Real Madrid’s victory over Baskonia serves as a testament to their tactical acumen, defensive prowess, and collective determination as they continue their pursuit of Euroleague glory.


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