Kendrick Nunn sends Panathinaikos to Berlin.

Kendrick Nunn sends Panathinaikos to Berlin.

An unbelievable finish occurred in Virtus Bologna’s game against Panathinaikos, confirming our victory prediction but not the score difference. Panathinaikos managed to impose their own rhythm from the beginning of the game and build a safe lead. However, T. Shengelia had a different view and was able to lead Virtus to a huge turnaround, ultimately securing a 3-point lead. The last two plays of the game, however, decided the outcome, with M. Grigonis grabbing an offensive rebound after Kendrick Nunn missed a three-pointer and scoring while also drawing a foul, thus tying the game.

Virtus’ offense ended with a missed three-pointer by G. Lundberg with seconds left for Panathinaikos’ final offensive possession. Kendrick Nunn took the responsibility for his team’s last offensive charge and, with a drive in the last tenths of a second, scored, securing Panathinaikos the coveted win that kept them in 2nd place, leaving the Virtus Segafredo Arena frozen in disbelief.

Panathinaikos clinches victory with a buzzer-beater against Virtus Bologna, securing a score of 79-81.

Step by step, the match progresses.

Panathinaikos entered the court more dynamically and confidently in the first few minutes of the game. With K. Sloukas and J. Grant in great shape, they managed to build a double-digit lead. The first quarter ended in favor of the guests with a score of 16-28, while at halftime Panathinaikos was leading 39-51, maintaining the difference at 12 points. In the second half, the fatigue of the Panathinaikos players was clearly visible as they made many mistakes, allowing Virtus Bologna, with T. Shengelia and M. Belinelli in amazing form, the opportunity to reduce the difference to just 6 points.

The fourth quarter was also the most synergistic. With bad choices and mistakes in Panathinaikos’ offense, M. Lessort couldn’t get any rest as K. Antetokounmpo struggled to keep the Italians away from the basket. Soon, the difference was down to 1 point, and Virtus managed to take the lead. Nunn’s individual effort in the last second saved Panathinaikos from defeat and secured the coveted victory at the Segafredo Arena.

The standout performer of the game was K. Sloukas, contributing 20 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists, while T. Shengelia excelled for the home team with 19 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists.

Players’ statistics from the Virtus Bologna vs Panathinaikos match.

Panathinaikos BCKostas Sloukas204232′
Virtus Segafredo BolognaTornike Shengelia194329′
Virtus Segafredo BolognaMarco Belinelli171324′
Panathinaikos BCKendrick Nunn165537′
Panathinaikos BCJerian Grant133326′
Panathinaikos BCMarius Grigonis121115′
Virtus Segafredo BolognaGabriel Lundberg112222′
Virtus Segafredo BolognaOgnjen Dobric113124′
Panathinaikos BCMathias Lessort109134′
Panathinaikos BCDinos Mitoglou76130′
Virtus Segafredo BolognaAchille Polonara5018′
Virtus Segafredo BolognaBryant Kevin Dunston Jr44019′
Virtus Segafredo BolognaAwudu Abass3208′
Virtus Segafredo BolognaDaniel Hackett30212′
Panathinaikos BCJuancho Hernangomez3109′
Virtus Segafredo BolognaAlessandro Pajola26727′
Virtus Segafredo BolognaAnte Zizic23213′
Virtus Segafredo BolognaJordan Mickey2208′
Panathinaikos BCIoannis Papapetrou0007′
Panathinaikos BCKostas Antetokounmpo0205′
Panathinaikos BCPanagiotis Kalaitzakis0001′

Game stats:

Virtus Bologna - Panathinaikos Game Stats Round 32

Period details:

  • 1st: 16-28
  • 2nd: 23-23
  • 3rd: 20-14
  • 4th: 20-16

The next day for Panathinaikos.

After their victory over Virtus Bologna, Panathinaikos maintained their 2nd place in the Euroleague standings, with two more games remaining, theoretically easier than last night’s game. In round 33, they face Bayern Munich on the road, and on the last day, they welcome the weakest team in the competition, Alba Berlin, to OAKA. Thus, they can maintain their ranking power, gain home advantage in the playoffs, and make it to Berlin for the Final Four.

The big question is how far Panathinaikos can go and whether they can win this year’s Euroleague. Currently, they have a point differential of +156, the best after leaders Real Madrid. Let’s not forget that in round 27, they managed to beat Real Madrid on the road, forcing them to their first home loss, 86-97. For sure, Panathinaikos is one of the biggest favorites in this year’s Euroleague. If we can point out an area of weakness, it’s at the center position, because while they have the best center in the competition right now in M. Lessort, there is no substitute who can cover him satisfactorily for a few minutes.

What is expected next for Virtus Bologna?

After the defeat against Panathinaikos, Virtus now finds themselves in an unfavorable position that they need to quickly overcome. From being at the top of the standings, they now have one foot out of the playoffs. Of course, they still have two more matches, with the toughest one being the next one at home against Emporio Armani Milan, who are eager for a win that will put them in the play-in game and qualify them for the playoffs. T. Shengelia seems to be in great form, but his teammates will have to give their all to secure wins again. On the last day, they face Baskonia at home, who are in the same situation as Virtus and are also eager for a win. This match might decide which of the two teams will continue in the competition.

Virtus will need to go the extra mile in their last two games and win at least one of them to secure 8th place for the playoffs (although the 8th or 7th place teams will participate in the play-in according to the new Euroleague rule this year).

You can watch the highlights of the Virtus Bologna – Panathinaikos game on the official Euroleague YouTube channel:


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