Kattash: “In these two experiences, we demonstrated a lot of character”.

Despite a setback in their quarter-final series against Panathinaikos, Maccabi Tel Aviv coach Oded Kattash provided insights into the team’s performance and mindset following their 95-79 loss. While acknowledging the challenges faced during the match, Kattash commended his players’ resilience and determination.

“We started the game strongly, reminiscent of our performance in the first match. However, Panathinaikos capitalized on opportunities, extending their lead,” Kattash analyzed, highlighting the need for consistency throughout the game.

Amidst the defeat, attention turned to player injuries, with guard Wade Baldwin seeking treatment in Croatia to enhance his fitness for the remainder of the series. Kattash confirmed Baldwin’s anticipated return to the team on Monday, aiming to strengthen their lineup for the upcoming games.

Reflecting on the significance of home games, Kattash emphasized their importance despite the challenges faced on the road. “Even amidst adversity, playing in front of our home crowd holds immense value. These games carry significance for us, particularly in the current circumstances,” noted Kattash regarding the team’s perspective on their upcoming matches.

Acknowledging the team’s experiences in the series, Kattash underscored the importance of resilience and unity. “In both instances, we displayed commendable character, especially in challenging environments. Our focus remains on unity and resilience,” he reiterated.

Antonius Cleveland, who contributed 12 points in under 19 minutes of play, echoed Kattash’s sentiments regarding the team’s determination to bounce back in the series. “Despite the setback, we have the opportunity to regroup and perform strongly in the upcoming home games. Our goal remains unchanged,” Cleveland affirmed.

Jake Cohen, reflecting on the team’s performance, emphasized the positives amidst the defeat. “While it was a tough evening, there are lessons to be learned. We have the chance to make adjustments and return stronger for the next game,” noted Cohen, highlighting the team’s determination to overcome obstacles.

Looking ahead, Maccabi Tel Aviv prepares to host Game 3 at the Alexander Nikolic Hall (Pioneer) in Belgrade, with Game 4 scheduled for Thursday. With their sights set on redemption, the team remains steadfast in their pursuit of victory in the series.


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