Is Real Madrid's basketball team experiencing a crisis?

Recently, both on and off the court, observers of Real Madrid’s basketball team have noticed that something is amiss. This observation may have been overshadowed by the standout performances of certain players who consistently rescue the team at crucial moments, such as G. Yabusele, M. Hezonja, and D. Musa, but the team’s atmosphere has soured. If these issues persist, they could even jeopardize Real Madrid’s chances of clinching the Euroleague title in 2023-2024.

Without delving into specifics, instances of tension among Real Madrid players have been captured by camera lenses. In terms of competition, particularly in the Euroleague, Real Madrid, undefeated at home until then, suffered two losses: one to Panathinaikos and another to Fenerbahce. In round 32, they struggled against Crvena Zvezda throughout the game but managed to secure a victory in the final quarter with a score of 101-94, thanks to outstanding performances by Musa and Hezonja.

Will Real Madrid win the Euroleague in 2023-2024?

If I must be subjective, I would suggest that Real Madrid may not clinch the Euroleague title this year. There are teams currently in better form, poised to challenge for the Euroleague with favorable odds. Nonetheless, it’s undeniable that Real Madrid leads the Euroleague standings with a record of 12 wins and 2 losses at home, and 12 wins and 4 losses on the road, boasting a point differential of +245 (PTS+/PTS-).

However, as highlighted earlier in this article, despite Real’s efforts to conceal their internal issues, they have become increasingly apparent on the court. The most recent evidence of this was their defeat to Manresa at the Winzink Arena, Real Madrid’s home ground, with a score of 72-83. It wouldn’t surprise me if Baskonia also manages to defeat Real in the 33rd Euroleague round.

On the court, there seems to be a reflection of fatigue or perhaps a psychological downturn among Real’s players. Take, for example, F. Campazzo, a player who began the season superbly and was even a contender for MVP, but has since experienced a dramatic drop in performance. It’s been a while since he’s had a standout game to aid Real with his contributions. Consequently, the burden of the game falls on other players. While Real possesses depth, ensuring that there is almost always someone capable of playing exceptionally well and leading the team to victory, one must question how long this can be sustained.

Can Real Madrid transform themselves in the playoffs?

There is a high probability that this dip in performance will be appropriately adjusted for this particular period, especially considering that, at least in the Euroleague, Real Madrid is not in danger of losing their first-place position. A few bad games shouldn’t cost them much. However, in the playoffs, we might witness a resurgence, with renewed rallying, focus, and dedication to their goals, potentially resulting in a transformed Real Madrid.

My perspective is that they will likely continue to underperform in the playoffs and may face a swift elimination. Of course, this outcome largely depends on the opponents they encounter.

Currently, Real Madrid seems to lack the freshness and enthusiasm that characterized their play earlier in the season. Their tactics on the floor have become somewhat predictable, making them vulnerable to their opponents. While a return to form for F. Campazzo could potentially elevate Real Madrid back to their previous levels of performance, it remains a significant question mark.

Is Real Madrid’s roster still competitive?

Unless someone states otherwise, Real’s depth compared to other teams is evident. In every position, except for guards where they have limited options, they have quality players. M. Hezonja, G. Yabusele, W. Tabares, V. Poirier, G. Deck, and D. Musa form a formidable frontline and perimeter coalition that can overpower any opponent. It would require several players having a bad day to give the opponent a chance to win the game. That’s why I’m emphasizing F. Campazzo’s performance, as I believe he is the key to Real’s chances of winning the Euroleague this year.

I don’t believe C. Mateo is the best coach in the Euroleague. Perhaps it will transpire that, besides being adept at concealing the team’s internal problems, he is also capable of resolving them, and I might be proven wrong. However, coaches like Šarūnas Jasikevičius, G. Bartzokas, and E. Ataman have demonstrated excellent coaching prowess through the pivotal decisions their teams have made in challenging situations, thus earning recognition for their choices.

Final Thoughts.

Real Madrid was and remains the favorite to win the Euroleague in the 2023-2024 season. However, if they continue at the same pace, there are teams with more enthusiasm and enough depth on the roster to surpass them. Surely, it’s up to them if that happens, as they have proven that at their best, they have no opponent that can match them. It will require F. Campazzo to get back to form, as the playoffs hide several pitfalls, even with home-field advantage. If C. Mateo’s team doesn’t recover, I foresee them not even reaching the Final Four, as unbelievable as that sounds. There aren’t many days left, and I really wonder how things will play out.

Real Madrid loses to Manresa 72-83.


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