Has Edy Tavares signed with Panathinaikos?

Has Walter Tavares signed with Panathinaikos?

There are strong rumors circulating that Walter Tavares has already signed with Panathinaikos for the upcoming season. However, details regarding this significant signing remain elusive. The Greens have expressed their interest in the Real Madrid big man on numerous occasions. Undoubtedly, such an addition, especially if further signings are confirmed, will elevate Panathinaikos to unprecedented levels and establish them as favorites to win the next Euroleague. We are eagerly awaiting further developments, especially considering Real Madrid’s potential weakening for the upcoming year, with rumors of Mario Hezonja also departing Madrid.

The news of Walter Tavares’ alleged signing with Panathinaikos was disclosed by former club player Ioannis Gagaloudis in an interview with Tolis Kotzias. When asked whether he would prefer Mario Hezonja or Walter Tavares at Panathinaikos, he indicated a preference for Hezonja, citing Tavares’ purported signing with Panathinaikos.

Will the transfer of Walter Tavares help Panathinaikos?

The position plaguing Panathinaikos this year appears to be the center position. Despite boasting possibly the best center in the Euroleague this season, M. Lessort, the team faces challenges due to his extensive workload, exacerbated by the absence of a reliable substitute on the bench. Both O. Balcerowski and K. Antetonkoumpo have failed to provide viable solutions for Panathinaikos, particularly at the European level where the disparity in quality becomes apparent. Consequently, Panathinaikos began their search for another center earlier this year to bolster their European aspirations and quest for Euroleague victory. Although discussions regarding Walter Tavares surfaced, no concrete developments ensued.

Presently, all signs indicate Tavares’ departure from Real Madrid, yet the destination of the towering center remains uncertain. However, if Ioannis Gagaloudis’ assertion holds true, Tavares’ next destination will likely be Panathinaikos.


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