Gordon Herbert's Unexpected Career Shift: From Chiba Jets to Bayern Munich.

Gordon Herbert’s Unexpected Career Shift: From Chiba Jets to Bayern Munich.

In a surprising twist, Gordon Herbert will not be taking the helm of the Chiba Jets as previously agreed. The Japanese basketball club announced the news, confirming that the 65-year-old coach is instead heading to Munich to succeed Pablo Laso at Bayern Munich.

A Sudden Change of Plans.

Just when fans were getting excited about Gordon Herbert’s new role with the Chiba Jets, the collaboration ended before it even began. This unexpected turn of events has fans and analysts buzzing.

Gordon Herbert’s Stellar Coaching Resume.

Herbert’s decision to part ways with the Chiba Jets comes on the heels of a highly successful period. The Canadian coach led Germany to a World Championship victory in the Philippines in 2023, followed by a bronze medal at the EuroBasket in 2022.

The Official Announcement.

The Chiba Jets officially announced on Wednesday, July 10th, that Gordon Herbert would not be joining their ranks. Despite signing with the team in May, Herbert requested the termination of his contract just weeks later.

Heading to Bayern Munich.

The reason behind this abrupt change is Herbert’s imminent appointment as the head coach of Bayern Munich. The Bavarian giants see Herbert as the perfect successor to Pablo Laso, and both parties are reportedly close to finalizing the agreement.

Herbert’s Future with the German National Team.

It’s worth noting that Herbert’s tenure with the German national team is set to conclude after the Olympic Games. This decision, made public last May, aligns with his transition to Bayern Munich.


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