Furkan Korkmaz Considering Return to Euroleague.

A Turkish publication reveals that Furkan Korkmaz, after seven years in the NBA, is thinking about his return to the Euroleague, and Panathinaikos is one of the four teams that claim him!

NBA Career.

At the age of 26, Furkan Korkmaz has seven seasons of experience in the NBA—all of them with the Philadelphia Sixers. However, it has long been considered that his cycle on the “magical planet” has been completed.

Return to Europe.

The possibility of Korkmaz returning to Europe is one of his options. If he decides to do so, many teams are expected to “fall” at his feet.

Interest from Euroleague Teams.

According to a report from Turkey, specifically from Basket Dergisi, the talented guard/forward, who in his best season in the NBA (2019-20) had 9.8 points per game, and in a total of 328 games recorded an average of 6.8 points with 35.6% in three-pointers, is already a target for Anadolu Efes. This is the team that highlighted him, acquiring him in 2012 at the age of 15. However, the Istanbul club is not the only one that thinks highly of him.

Panathinaikos and Other Contenders.

Panathinaikos is also mentioned in the publication as a contender, while Real Madrid and Barcelona are also looking in the same direction. It is also noted that the idea of ​​staying in the NBA has not been dismissed by him, and as a free agent, he will not remain indifferent to opportunities in the USA. He will try to assess his prospects there before making a decision to return to Europe.

Connection with Ergin Ataman.

The coach of the “greens,” Ergin Ataman, knows his compatriot athlete well, despite the fact that they did not overlap at Anadolu Efes. When Ataman joined in 2017, Korkmaz moved to the US. However, they co-existed and worked together in the national team, and a player with Korkmaz’s characteristics can hardly be ignored by teams looking to add talent this summer.


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