French Federation Eyes Mike James for Naturalization to Strengthen National Team.

French Federation’s Bold Move for Mike James.

A move that could drastically change the balance at the national team level is being considered by the French federation, as there are thoughts within it to give Mike James a French passport.

Background on Naturalization Efforts.

The big goal of the French federation in the last two years was the naturalization of Joel Embiid, who was in talks with the federation and the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. However, the big move never materialized, with Embiid choosing Team USA, which he will support at the Paris Olympics next summer.

Inside the federation, there is still bitterness and disappointment over this development. However, in the last few days, a new idea has emerged that, if implemented, will significantly strengthen the national team and send a strong message in all directions.

Mike James: Potential Game-Changer for France.

More specifically, as reported by Equipe, the French federation is seriously considering the possibility of naturalizing Mike James. They aim to give him a French passport so that he can compete with the national team in upcoming competitions, starting with the 2025 EuroBasket, the next major international event.

The case has progressed beyond mere speculation; initial discussions have taken place between the federation and the player’s representatives to determine if there is mutual interest in such a move.

Mike James’ Impact and Current Status.

Mike James is in the most productive phase of his career and has been playing in France for the last three years on behalf of Monaco. His contract is expiring, but the Monegasques are determined to do everything to keep him in the coming years. This situation is of immediate interest to the French national team, which seeks a player who can make a significant impact.

Implications for the French National Team.

In light of the upcoming Olympic Games, several key players are not available for the national team. Thomas Heurtel, who plays for Zenit St. Petersburg, and Sylvain Francisco are out, while the roster includes players like Frank Ntilikina, Theo Maledon, and Killian Hayes, who had an indifferent season in the NBA.

Mike James, who was named MVP of this year’s EuroLeague after being the top scorer despite Monaco not making the Final 4, could be the key addition that propels the French national team to new heights. His inclusion would not only enhance the team’s performance but also symbolize a strategic and ambitious move by the French federation.


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